[Updated]Zombies Cheats Cod Black Ops v3.3 mods Hack(PS3,Xbox360,PC Download)

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Cod Black Ops Zombies Cheats Download – fileups.net (:updated 04-2011:) Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Cheats Advanced Tutorial – fileups.net MOD, unlimited ammo\sprint and a lot more! Game Save mod in download too. This mod is guaranteed safe, virus-free, and undetectable. No JTAG required. ———– -INSTRUCTIONS- 1) Download the mod (from the link given above) 2) It is a .rar file so you have to unrar it using winrar 3) For PC users: Drag and drop the mod onto your desktop copy of Black Ops For Console users: Upload the mod to your console via USB cord. Features: 1) Invincible mode 2) Super speed 3) Unlimited ammo 4) Unlimited sprint 5) Super Jump 6) Disco 7) Modded HUD

8) Mystery Box weapon-selection customization 9) Miscellaneous camouflages 10) Death machine OWNAGE unlimited ammo ———– ***EXTRA TAGS DO NOT READ NO REASON**** new call of duty mw2 glitches modern warfare elevator out map glitch pack tutorial nazi zombies dog barrier bayonet crew shi no numa outside der riese cod5 world at war Derail MW2 Elevator out of map swiftylad mw2comedy IHaZii mw2 montage barret 50 cal new fourzerotwo 402 robert bowling love ps3 turtle beach p21 : Call Of Duty Modern Warfare two glitch glitches out of map single player guide walkthrough tutorial team lag gameplay mod hacks achievements how to movie trailer montage noob cheats elevator codmw2 mw2 best kill strafe ign Call of Duty WaW new way that me and my buddy found the ONLY WAY out this map without mods SUBSCRIBE shi no

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  1. Kaasnegerinn Says:

    it worked. do you know where i can get a 15th prestige hack i cant find one n e where.

  2. Electrodisease Says:

    thanks bro. worked for my ps3 will this work for the pc version too

  3. jaggedguy36 Says:

    @Electrodisease ya it will work for all systems itz universal

  4. landgraf27 Says:

    i needed this, thanks

  5. boyjohn11 Says:

    very helpful thanks

  6. Bishnovski Says:

    wow cool

  7. hilfiger2422 Says:

    thanks bro this worked. nice tutorial it made it easy

  8. Rolland Uy Says:

    this is awsome i will be comming back here, to read more, keep it up guys!

  9. Laurence Says:

    “Black Ops Cheats[Updated]Zombies Cheats Cod Black Ops v3.
    3 mods Hack(PS3,Xbox360,PC Download) – Black Ops Cheats” ended
    up being a wonderful post and therefore I was extremely happy to locate it.
    Thanks a lot-Hai

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