Tutorial COD Black Ops cheat. Unlock zombies map and zombies arcade. Unlock Zork game and trophy

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25 Comments on “Tutorial COD Black Ops cheat. Unlock zombies map and zombies arcade. Unlock Zork game and trophy”

  1. ethanbinyaminov Says:

    @Brollytwinturbo so ur familiar to the game?

  2. Gaipaghe Says:

    you need to type “3arc unlock doa” to unlock zombie maps 5&deads ops acrede

  3. TheViper2901 Says:

    and in xbox ?

  4. dzamboPL Says:

    thanx but is 3ARC UNLOCK FIVE

  5. alfarex25 Says:

    what is ZORK ?

  6. subkz Says:

    How do you break out of the chair in the Nintendo Wii version of Black Ops?

  7. thebalavages Says:

    @TheViper2901 yea its LT and RT

  8. sebabu5213 Says:

    Whats the Zork game?

  9. 4040tomas Says:

    is pc?

  10. solo11oo Says:

    thx u

  11. 52BigHitter Says:

    What’s your playstation network name?

  12. gojets1130 Says:

    Xbox is so better

  13. BmoKILLA789 Says:

    Fuck You Fuck You

  14. alcino723 Says:

    After type zork it said there has a mailbox
    Type open mailbox
    And it said the has a leaflet you go
    Type open leaflet
    And it said what do you want to do
    You type read and that all

  15. Abon666 Says:

    @sebabu5213 It’s an old text-based adventure game published by Activision during the late 70s.

  16. lopezeduardo100 Says:

    there more zombie maps do u know the password for them?

  17. ereuven99 Says:

    Thx dude how did u find that out

  18. brycieboy67 Says:


  19. tinjam Says:

    @brycieboy67 Fuck you……LOL :O

  20. Cmanisthecoolest Says:

    @DouglasKZ18 It’s just Fuck you

  21. drussell79 Says:

    So I knew about everything else but the whole zork thing I don’t get I got it to work but is it a game or is it just like a riddle? Cuz it does nothing for me anyway hit me up on PS3 if you want BuzzKill209 oh and thanks agaain

  22. joao2012ish Says:

    If you want a working prestige hack, here is the one I use:

  23. jirachi132 Says:

    i actually started with these maps….

  24. MrYoungDon Says:

    TO EVERYONE…. I am hosting a new clan for CoD black Ops coposed of nothing but the best. it is called IMG (Insane Money Getters) if you want to join u have to go against me (u dont exactly have to win).repy to this comment with your PSN name so i can test your skillz

  25. Grannyjones5000 Says:

    check out my hacks;

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