TOMAHAWK FUN WITH DAZRAN303!! Black Ops Wii gameplay! – Powered by – JohsMinecraft

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25 Comments on “TOMAHAWK FUN WITH DAZRAN303!! Black Ops Wii gameplay! – Powered by – JohsMinecraft”

  1. pickingandgrinning Says:

    If you use scavenger, will it pick up the tomahawk for you???

  2. TheHRGamingGroup Says:

    @pickingandgrinning yes.

  3. yeshuacometh Says:

    DaZraN is a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dragonloard96 Says:

    wii black ops player right here. i am beast (suicide bombing) and i am stealthy(ghost pro) and i have either aug supressor + extended mag or aug suppressor+ red dot

  5. homerunsteal Says:

    thumbs up if u think wii bo should have map packs

  6. metroidprime25 Says:

    Black ops or conduit 2
    PLZ ANSWR thx

  7. metroidprime25 Says:

    Do you need ur wii to be 4.3 or 4.2 to play black ops
    PLZ ANSWER thx I need this

  8. TheHRGamingGroup Says:

    @metroidprime25 I don’t have a wii message one of these guys
    Like I said I dint have a wii

  9. TheHRGamingGroup Says:

    @metroidprime25 black ops… we are upload conduit 2 vids now so you decide

  10. wiiarchdeacon Says:

    @metroidprime25 I don’t know what you need, but if it isn’t the right version it should update itself when you try to play it.

  11. sosblackopsclan Says:

    hi guys i just made a account on youtube so i tried my best

  12. knives4cash Says:

    @CedricPeeters13 well, ever since that “black ops broke our wii. NO wii broke our black ops” argument, we won’t be getting any dlc, until some1 apologizes :/ what hurts even more is that Treyarch made a special map pack for wii (since it probably couldn’t handle the maps of First Strike)

  13. TheChoop31 Says:

    Upload one of my vidz

  14. CedricPeeters13 Says:

    @knives4cash Yup, I already knew that. Still i’d wish we’d had some 😀

  15. thunderproductions20 Says:

    do we have to send you black ops?

  16. DesiMahdin Says:

    @metroidprime25 you can have any system menu to play wii but the disk will force you to update….

  17. DesiMahdin Says:

    @TheHRGamingGroup uhh i think you are confusing me with someone else….jkjk lol Dazran is a beast..

  18. DesiMahdin Says:

    Hey Guys Be Sure to Sign the Petition in the Description! Made by DesiMahdin (Myself) To support the Wii!

  19. 155domo Says:

    super smash bros brawl

  20. JordaaaaanHD Says:

    Thumbs up if you think wii should get killcams ^^

  21. jauntylittlemurder16 Says:

    @knives4cash Yeah I think treyarch should just apologize so we can get the map pack. I also found if you insert your SD card you can read the save files and read a list on the new maps. Zombie wise we’re getting five, dead ops arcade, nacht der untoten, and verruckt.

  22. knives4cash Says:

    @jauntylittlemurder16 wow. I new it was a unique batch of dlc, but I had no idea that the wii was capable of dead ops! Unbelievable!

  23. jauntylittlemurder16 Says:

    I don’t see why Machinima neglects the Wii. iPwnstar4hire did a couple of black ops vids on the Wii and they let him upload it on the respawn channel.

  24. jauntylittlemurder16 Says:

    @knives4cash Ikr. I think Treyarch is doing a really good job of unlocking Wii’s full potential. You see, the reason a lot of hackers ended up breaking their Wii’s is because Black Ops is pushing the limits of the Wii, and when you mix the hacks and glitches, it’s just too much for the Wii to handle and it freezes up.

  25. 512beaster Says:

    u keep killing fred ure meann

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