NEW Nintendo Wii 2 HD ‘Project Cafe’ Touch Screen Controller? – Black Ops (Gameplay/Commentary)

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– NEW Nintendo Wii 2 HD ‘Project Cafe’ Touch Screen Controller? – What’s up guys, if you could Like and Favorite this video I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! (: Enjoy our team crush another poor team in a game of Black Ops TDM! I came back from holiday to new rumors about the next Nintendo console. It appears to have been given a code name ‘Project Cafe’ and is rumored to have a 6 inch touch screen as a controller with the addition of a few buttons.

It will most probably support 1080p HD and will definitely allow users to play old Wii and Gamecube games. Nothing’s been set in stone but we can be pretty sure that at this year’s E3 expo Nintendo will reveal something awesome!

What do you think? Are you ready for a new set of consoles or are you happy with your current gaming system? Follow me! – If you’d like to submit a gameplay or sniper clip, just click on my channel and read the white coloured text for more information.

I look forward to helping you guys out! Thanks for watching!

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26 Comments on “NEW Nintendo Wii 2 HD ‘Project Cafe’ Touch Screen Controller? – Black Ops (Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. RoketTM Says:

    @DoubleAIV *giggles to self* I would buy it just for that because I’m addicted to Brawl. On the other hand, hopefully the controls will be GOOD. Not mentally retarded unresponsive genital stimulation like the current wii.

  2. clayj458 Says:

    @wesson4 no man i dont think there lacking or nobody would be playing them more then the wii lol. and fps is what everybody likes now a days and thats the reason why there all exclusive. and do u know how many times xbox has changed there dashboard? like 3 times and i think thats a risk…plus xbox and ps3 actually care about online gaming having , actual accounts not numbers,voice,and video. now i think the wii is taking awhile to take that risk dont u think?? does anybody here agree with me?

  3. ultimatetoturial56 Says:

    wii 2 should 8th generation console

  4. FearIDWard Says:

    @Wesson4 Thats not true. Nintendo are just a step ahead with technology but a step behind with graphics. Sony and Microsoft don’t copy Nintendo, they are just trying to catch up with Nintendo in terms of technology and Nintendo are trying to catch up in terms of graphics.

  5. djvilaslt Says:

    @Wesson4 Heres something new, a nintendo fanboy 😀 Haven’t seen one yet 😀

  6. Wesson4 Says:

    @djvilaslt Ya I know man, isn’t it refreshing? way to many Xbox and Playstation fan boys in the world!

  7. gothchil08 Says:

    ps3 and xbox360 made fun of the wii calling it gay so now the wii worked out for couple of years now its coming back for revenge to beat xbox360 and ps3

  8. 03jeep1 Says:

    New details on ign

  9. MrZorro0O Says:

    I was searching wii 2 how did I end up to a call of duty video

  10. parkersbubba Says:

    you know wii is pretty much better than ps3 and 360 it initially sold more that the xbox and the ps3 and its centered to family games why do you think therees ps3 move and kinect now? because of how good wii sold and guesss what black ops is just as fun as ps3 and xbox trust me even though the graphics suck theres so many ways to get hacked and hacking is so much better and you dont get banned as easily and treyarch doesnt really patch ANY glitches unlike ps3 and 360 we just dont have map pack

  11. parkersbubba Says:

    @djvilaslt yeah well like i havent seen EVERY fanboy of ps3 and 360 arguing having a “console war” about which one is better just shows how “grown up” you guys are arguing over what is better

  12. traxgod2 Says:

    @Wesson4 bullshit

  13. raisinghelen Says:

    It would be smart of Nintendo to launch their new console in 2012. If the rumours are true and it does have a GPU that is 3 to 4 times more powerful than the PS3’s (it’s said to score a benchmark of over 1900 compared to 566 for the PS3) then 3rd parties can easily port multiplatform titles to it and then by the time the PS4/Xbox 720 release it’ll already have built up a user base.

  14. Redslasher21 Says:

    @Wesson4 im not on either side but at least their games aren’t all remakes with better graphics

  15. chillywinter16 Says:

    @Wesson4 xbox and ps3 fucking own the wii dude

  16. chillywinter16 Says:

    @Redslasher21 agree, all nintendos games are remakes, animal crossing, mario kart, ocarina, super mario 64

  17. bluelava110 Says:

    the dreamcast had a screen on controller 🙁

  18. RinkuHeroOfTime Says:

    @chillywinter16 in what graphix lol and online hmmmmm 2 points lol

  19. RinkuHeroOfTime Says:

    @parkersbubba basically they think they are mature saying the wii is for kids and all this other shit but when you look at them they are the immature brats

  20. RinkuHeroOfTime Says:

    @clayj458 failed lol

  21. RinkuHeroOfTime Says:

    @noobtubingpirate hardcore gamers what hardcore gamers all i see are ppl who call themselves hardcore gamers but really aren’t all they do is whine and bitch

  22. SuperNumber19 Says:

    you’re saying it all wrong it’s more powerful than the xbox 360 and the ps3 go back and read your stuff.

  23. clayj458 Says:

    @RinkuHeroOfTime ok man how the fuck did i fail

  24. helmerdrake Says:

    @DoubleAIV 😀

  25. Fishmonkey123 Says:

    Nintendo is finally getting serious again and are making a console that is more powerful than the ps3 and xbox 360, lol i own a 360 and a wii but im a nintendo fan, this is great news.

  26. Alesia Colabella Says:

    hey, does any1 know when the xbox 720 is coming out?? Thanks guys

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