I Use Cheats #6 – Black Ops Infections online

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I Use Cheats – Black Ops Infections online infections shown in 1st clip: * wallhack [patched)] * big UAV [patched] infections shown in 2nd clip: * Improved aim assist [annoying lol] * Fire vision [on] * Ice vision [off] * Insane knockback [on host only -not shown in vid] * Large overhead gamertags & ranks * FPS counter with host indicator * Stat monitor display * Lagometer display * 45 second killcam timer* [on host only – not shown in vid]

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19 Comments on “I Use Cheats #6 – Black Ops Infections online”

  1. K1NGnK1MO Says:

    Nice video!
    But tbh the black ops infections don’t give you that much of a great advantage :L

  2. SpartanMods Says:

    @K1NGnK1MO i know lol

  3. dangieebitz Says:

    Hey K1mo , that you rawrsome aswell? I’m liking the fire vision, any more clips coming out with ice vision?

  4. SpartanMods Says:

    yeah i am rawrsome 🙂

  5. Hardyboyzfan67 Says:

    Invite to cod 4 SkullMaster47 thx

  6. FearghalKid Says:

    Plz invite GT: Fearghal 96

  7. ssuperstinkyman Says:

    whats the point in cheating, if you cant play by the rules dont play at all.
    Dont ruin the game for everyone else, so get some talent or get off the game please.

  8. SpartanMods Says:

    @ssuperstinkyman sure man whatever you say

  9. MadOldPete Says:

    do you play campaign mode on th easiest setting and pick fights with 6-year-olds?

  10. SpartanMods Says:

    @MadOldPete stfu.

  11. powxpurplexx Says:


  12. SpartanMods Says:


    why would i hide the names of other people?

  13. sonicblast19 Says:

    people who cheat=shit

  14. SpartanMods Says:

    @sonicblast19 why watch the videos then?

  15. sonicblast19 Says:

    @SpartanMods I got a link,I didn’t wath it, but you know what, if a cheater loses, then it’s the biggest shit eater ever

  16. SpartanMods Says:

    @sonicblast19 i didnt lose… also the infections shown here werent really useful to be honest. the wallhack was semi useful but is far too obvious. everything else was just for show.

  17. sonicblast19 Says:

    @sonicblast19 I was talking about real hardcore cheaters, I mean why ruin the fun for everyone?

  18. damage Says:

    I think he was playing the training misssions on easy, most real players have faster responce than the opennets on that video! every openent on that video had the same responce rate. am i wrong?

  19. damage Says:

    darn no way to fix my spelling! sry

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