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Okay so today I am going to talk about how to host boot this is just one way to cheat in black ops or any online game for that matter.

Now you can get in trouble for this so this is for education purposes only (yeah right) but use at your own risk—

1st you need whats called a i.p. sniffer. The one I use is called Cane and Abel you can go to youtube type it in and find it to download (scan it first)

2nd you will be a host booting program…One that uses shells is best and is called a shell booter if you go to and sign up go to the classifieds or seller section and you can buy one for $10-20 bucks…

Now when you go into a game you turn on Cane and Abel it will tell you the ip address of the people you are playing against. Pick a few and put their ip address into the booter and BAM they will get kicked out of the game making it really easy for you to win haha!!!

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