Gun Game – Call Of Duty Black Ops Wii Gameplay – Nuketown

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Thank you guys for all the support over the last week or two! love you 😀 link to forum link to troubleshoot

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25 Comments on “Gun Game – Call Of Duty Black Ops Wii Gameplay – Nuketown”

  1. tsf311 Says:

    Yo man whats ur ally code im “death machine”

  2. tsf311 Says:

    My favorite wager match game is gun game and and my least fav is one in the chamber

  3. volleygirl1041 Says:

    gun game 🙁

  4. ChaddJackson12 Says:

    Good game to you! And my fav is one in chamber and sticks and stones. Got 12000 in pro gambie 😀 but I’m sad of the lack of features/customization/killstreaks/killcams/graphics and windows. Lots huh?

  5. Ackmar1 Says:

    1 in the chamber is probably my favorite.
    It’s challenging knowing when to shoot, when to knife, and when to wait on that game…

    Gun game is my least favorite basically because of the same reason as you. The snipers suck.

  6. nerfguyss Says:

    I hate one in the chamber but I love gun game

  7. mrantman9 Says:

    i hate 1 in a chamber

  8. mrantman9 Says:

    i hate 1 in a chamber but i love gun game

  9. rungaberun717 Says:

    @DANgER6810 wow ur cool u put a green p$p infront of ur name and u probly dont know half ur clan SMALL CLANS FTW!!!!!!

  10. 12Airsoftmaster Says:

    how do you switch weapons!!!! on the wiii!!!!

  11. lankanpridesouljah Says:

    yu try to rage quit a lot why dont you go through with it?

  12. TheNoahification Says:

    @12Airsoftmaster it depends what controller ur using

  13. trent694 Says:

    Classic controller pro is the best!

  14. TheLPVideogames Says:

    Fav: Sharpshooter

    Hate: One in the chamber and Gun Game

  15. Grave933 Says:

    My favorite wager match is sticks and stones. It is my favorite because I am a beast tomahawker! One in the chamber is good if you want a game with precision.

  16. yuch1102 Says:

    how can you not like gun game…?? maybe cuz ur playing on the wii lol

  17. SethTheAk74UGuy Says:

    Gun game is awesome, my least favorite wager match is probably sharpshooter. Oh and by the way if you aimed more (alot more) you would get more kills and cycle faster. spray and pray isnt good for every weapon.

  18. DANgER6810 Says:

    @rungaberun717 ur retarted im co leader so get a life fagget

  19. EpicGamer1995 Says:

    My Fav wager matches from best to worst (I’m on the wii):
    Gun Game
    Sticks and Stones
    One in the Chamber

  20. dannman4209 Says:

    im beter thin you

  21. rungaberun717 Says:

    @DANgER6810 ok well u know people join cause they think they can right? thats y small clans r all friends and know each other and dont get copied fuck u and go fuck urself i dont care what u think being the co leader of a clan makes u sound really nerdy.

  22. DANgER6810 Says:

    @rungaberun717 well let me get this straight you think im gay or whatever because i have actual friends well i have to say ur gay.

  23. rungaberun717 Says:

    @DANgER6810 ok listen my whole fucking clan is from my school and my neighborhood i have other friends away from black ops and i know my clan leader and hes like a brother to me so stf up

  24. hedgehogman370 Says:

    This is good video and I would like to face u some time

  25. sonofamexican Says:

    gun game sucks cuz it has the same weapons everytime

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