GTA IV TBoGT Gameplay, Cheats, Features PS3

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25 Comments on “GTA IV TBoGT Gameplay, Cheats, Features PS3”

  1. shadowguy6661 Says:

    @MONOBOI53 Oh lol

  2. aabuizzah Says:

    I just downloaded gta tbogt and how do I start it

  3. aabuizzah Says:

    On ps3

  4. Davidfbaby1990 Says:

    whats yo psn

  5. bk4boy Says:

    hey i got the add on for ps3 too….. did u have problems gettin the new radios…….i dont have any of the new new radions

  6. bk4boy Says:

    hey i got the add on for the ps3 tooo and i dont have the new radio stations……do u have the same problem

  7. normal909 Says:

    thanks dude

  8. glitchman97 Says:

    @aabuizzah you must have the original game (grand theft auto iv)

  9. 2000jaman Says:


  10. JediMonkey7447 Says:

    fuck you

  11. jogador134 Says:

    do all the achievements get blocked when I use cheats or just the ones that appear on the top left screen? (plz tell)

  12. Bravo97811 Says:

    @MONOBOI53 whats your gamertag?

  13. gears900 Says:

    anyone add me on psn to play this online. skullface_95

  14. rookjes Says:

    you have a modded patch. 😛

  15. MONOBOI53 Says:

    @rookjes WTF LOOL NO ? Gimme a reason how i do? dumb ass

  16. rookjes Says:

    @MONOBOI53 ps3 jailbreak with geohot or another jailbreak.

    blackbox FTP for your firmware, and then you bles of GTA,
    modded patch of internet search or as you’re smart, and change the modded patch.

    sorry for my bad English Grammar, I am from the Netherlands.

  17. jaquawiz08 Says:

    there is no cheat for the new guns?

  18. Razertwin Says:

    nice 😀

  19. MrXtream123 Says:

    can you buy this off of the Playstation store?

  20. MONOBOI53 Says:

    @MrXtream123 yea but its cheaper to buy it at eg. walmart** cuz then u get lost and dammed and ballad of gay tony together for i think $ 20

  21. MrXtream123 Says:

    @MONOBOI53 so can you play the regular and the other two without turning back?

  22. MrXtream123 Says:

    @MONOBOI53 Ya but can you play the other ones after the update?

  23. mike25057 Says:

    it did not work

  24. FFNiXX Says:

    sick. can you playonline with this shit?? i mean with those cars n guns

  25. animatorlego42 Says:

    This is why GTA made game history

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