[Free] Black Ops Aimbot gameplay in FFA Xbox 360/PS3/PC [April. 2011] – Undetectable

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This video shows the aimbot in full potential! March 27 Update: win32 fix has been upgraded, aimbot made to work with 64 bit computers, added instant challenge/contract completion. Easy to work with layout upgraded. Dec 25 update: Fix for the bothersome win32 invalid application error has been fixed, to download it go to: www.mediafire.com ********************** The much anticipated aimbot for black ops has finally been completed! Please enjoy this and report and kind of bugs you encounter by sending me a message on youtube.

You’ll be finding yourself using the most amazing features, such as crosshair, auto enemy spotting, and two kinds of auto aim. Auto Aim – Full is a feature where the aimbot will auto detect the location of the enemy and shoot right away. Auto Aim – Semi is a feature where the aimbot will auto detect the location of the enemy and shoot 50% of the time. I guess you can also call ” auto enemy spotting” the Auto aim – Easy version, since it points out where enemies are so you can move it and shoot by yourself. All these features can be used to improve your skills in Call of duty : Black Ops, Such as crosshair, which can be used to get better at no scoping with the sniper for you to get a better idea of where the gun shoots. You can discover more features and the activation key combos in the text file called “Info.txt” In the folder of your stealth patch program. Lastly, I hope you all will enjoy this aimbot, and I will add any features you guys suggest

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26 Comments on “[Free] Black Ops Aimbot gameplay in FFA Xbox 360/PS3/PC [April. 2011] – Undetectable”

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    Can’t wait to try this out, trying to set it up atm 🙂

  12. MrFremde Says:

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  13. ZombieWantsLuv Says:

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