COD:Black Ops Wii – Intro + Gameplay 1

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Intro + Gameplay 1

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25 Comments on “COD:Black Ops Wii – Intro + Gameplay 1”

  1. PauloMattosMetal Says:

    @brandontrandon09 I don’t think so. I have both and I can tell that ps3 graphics looks better.

  2. THEdeadman21beast Says:

    plz hossen69

  3. MrCC3000 Says:

    Is this compatible with the wii zapper?

  4. 0pposableThumbs Says:

    @MrCC3000 Yes.

  5. Oescar Says:

    This reminds me of Soldier of Fortune

  6. krrk666 Says:

    thats why i never buy a wii, wii is only for kids, ps3/pc is for men, and xb360 is for real men!

  7. MrCC3000 Says:

    @krrk666 real men don’t play video games all day. Real men have jobs and girlfriends

  8. tomix2538n Says:


  9. 666StealingSociety Says:

    @krrk666 pc has betteer graphics than 360

  10. trinimike100 Says:

    @Donizh3 dumbass, u stated the obvious

  11. 0pposableThumbs Says:

    @GW4GTA Dont think so.

  12. TheLordMaitreya Says:

    So, now that we’ve seen the N64 version, where is the Wii version? These graphics suck.

  13. TheLordMaitreya Says:

    @NintendoPeteZahut Graphics that aren’t from 1996 lol

  14. coolmajor34 Says:

    not everyone has xbox live either.

  15. mitch1171 Says:

    Good gameplay =) decent graphics for the wii =)

  16. LavaLoom Says:

    Better than the PS3 version and the Xbox360 version, your actually being active and it takes ACTUAL skill rather than memorizing buttons and a stupid controller.

  17. fracturedskull777 Says:

    @LavaLoom true man, if it only had better graphics

  18. Donizh3 Says:

    @trinimike100 noooooooouuuuU!

  19. wimpieXD1 Says:

    @MrCC3000 thats treu !

  20. trinimike100 Says:

    @Donizh3 nooo i didnt, btw i hav blackops for xbox and wii and a cracked version for pc , but i play it more for wii cause the controller is better and im not a graphic whore like some people here!

  21. NintendoPeteZahut Says:

    @TheLordMaitreya those graphics are 8-bit back then, dumbass. You’re just a graphics whore, forgetting that GAMEPLAY and STORY make a game, not graphics.

  22. cherryskittlez17 Says:

    ya im glad they actualy have this for wii im poor i only have wii and thank god they now have an acual shooting game on wii who cares at least its on the wii

  23. cherryskittlez17 Says:

    these graphics are 2004

  24. MrCocoAsian Says:

    Hey Would You Recommand Me Buying This Game For Wii ,If You Dont Have Any Other Game Station?

  25. 0pposableThumbs Says:

    @MrCocoAsian If you like shooters and play online then yes, however if you’re mostly interested in the single player(campaign) I’d probably recommend Goldeneye.

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