COD:Black Ops Wii – Gameplay 2

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COD:Black Ops Wii – Gameplay 2. Yes I know I suck so you guys dont have to keep reminding me ; )

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25 Comments on “COD:Black Ops Wii – Gameplay 2”

  1. Fishstick620 Says:

    @0pposableThumbs well is there any other way because i have no clue how to use those..

  2. TheGioCorona Says:

    Imma get dis fuckin game

  3. deividas56 Says:

    @8lkerb Not gonna be good as Xbox or PS3? In matters of gameplay and fanbase it is better.

  4. mynameisarchi Says:

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  5. MansikkaPelaaja Says:

    Looks like SHIT 🙂

  6. AlyssaStar109 Says:

    Why does this look better than the graphics on my TV for Wii Black Ops? O-O My tv sucks.

  7. TheMohahmed Says:

    @Fishstick620 such a nub

  8. Fishstick620 Says:

    @TheMohahmed what the fuck is your problem? another stupid fucker that cant mind his own buisness…

  9. 00006daniel Says:

    how du you record this video??

  10. thefidlerontheroof Says:

    “find and kill Castro” WOOOOO!!! Fuck yeah!

  11. randombankshot Says:

    wrost grpics everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. TripleSeeX Says:

    Dieses Game hat ja mal ne bombastische grafik auf wii -.-‘ liiiike ps2

  13. 0pposableThumbs Says:

    @00006daniel I use a Avermedia HD DVR Video Capture Card.

  14. luuuka2 Says:

    graphics of ps2

  15. megaten168 Says:

    @0pposableThumbs Hey just wondering can you use a GameCube Remote?

  16. SupaDJ99 Says:

    Can u make a vid using the Zapper?

  17. 0pposableThumbs Says:

    @megaten168 Don’t think so, pretty sure its just wimote+nunchuck,zapper and classic controller.

  18. 0pposableThumbs Says:

    @SupaDJ99 Dont have the game anymore.

  19. theamitlifeTV Says:

    this isn’t ps2 graphics. ITS DREAMCAST graphics don’t matter but look at mario galaxy. cmon Treyarch

  20. swiftlaker6 Says:

    this looks so terrible!!!!!

  21. MegaDcshoes Says:

    i hate this on wii matter of fact i hate the wii all together

  22. JackLikesModding Says:

    @theamitlifeTV It’s not really Treyarch’s fault, it’s the utter shit-ness of the Wii altogether!

  23. LStr3ngthz Says:

    LOL this is terrible.. get a ps3

  24. LStr3ngthz Says:

    this is the graphics of a nintendo ds l0l

  25. IchBinBeliebt Says:

    its more fun but graphics sucks

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