COD Black Ops Zombies Golden Ray Gun Hack Xbox 360/PS3 Mod

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This hack allows you to get a golden ray gun on Call of Duty Black Ops zombies. This works on Xbox 360 and PS3! This works on every zombie map including first strike Ascension. The video explains everything in great detail. This glitch works with an Xbox 360 or a PS3 both on Xbox live and PSN.

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28 Comments on “COD Black Ops Zombies Golden Ray Gun Hack Xbox 360/PS3 Mod”

  1. trindyo Says:

    Omg u are so accurate, precise, and yet so easy to understand. keep up the tutorials man,? u rock

  2. pobeeGirl Says:

    thank? u bro..ill be subscribing with you if u dont mind..cheers.

  3. ronnieroses Says:

    dude i bookmarked this tutorial xD

  4. cdJj1963 Says:

    that was an easy tutorial

  5. engeljaRed Says:

    nice tutorial man

  6. michellealtiner Says:

    Wow, you can make one hell of a hack

  7. heromaster55 Says:

    u guys should do game play of with the hacks

  8. modmygamez Says:

    @heromaster55 once i get my pvr i will upload gameplay

  9. Starlacarla7 Says:

    i like ur movies ;D add pls

  10. Star424ruben Says:

    This tutorial is pretty educational.

  11. witpomhtoDay Says:

    I’m thought this was dumb, tried this and it works

  12. classykat27011 Says:

    awesome tutorial

  13. MrJmosmc Says:

    will you be making more hacking videos?

  14. jbondnc Says:

    Your hacks are the only ones that work

  15. Elizrye Says:

    fantastic work

  16. tropicalgirrl14 Says:

    i love the effects

  17. aquarian542011 Says:

    i subscribed.

  18. lhrxku Says:

    are you fo realin me? that was awesome!

  19. shannonm20111 Says:

    Nice channel

  20. smilenbright25 Says:

    I hope this never gets patched!

  21. gunjangnp Says:

    Great video! Thanks for the help through PM.

  22. TheMiam0r Says:

    holy crap that was some amazing editing

  23. christianna629 Says:

    Exactly what i was looking for. <3

  24. THeanho1 Says:

    i like ur movies ;D add pls

  25. WinnieTruong2011 Says:

    i’ve watched this video so many times and it’s still awesome!

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