Cod Black Ops [Wii] Top 5 Plays Week 4

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25 Comments on “Cod Black Ops [Wii] Top 5 Plays Week 4”

  1. TheBakupro Says:

    Only 1 wiimote in the top 5! xD Wow… I have used the CCP for like half an hour and gave up, ’cause it seems that whoever made the button layout for it was like 7… WHY NO CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS!!!! WHY!?!?!?….

  2. CornerProductions2 Says:

    I’m getting this game (wii version) in a couple days I can’t wait. I’m gonna pwn.

  3. gmcq27 Says:

    Last clip by the kill feed looked like a collateral

  4. getthemoney112211 Says:

    @SavageNoScop3 y?

  5. getthemoney112211 Says:

    Every1 dont hate on CCP if u suck with it….. so stfu

  6. 234blogger Says:

    Ok , i submitted a clip for the second week and you dindt even download it to watch it , why is that?

  7. Pineclown Says:

    @getthemoney112211 I don’t hate the ccp cause i suck with it, its annoying cause it gives you a big knife lunge, lets you no scope easy, and is alot easier to play with, wii mote takes more skill. nuff said.

  8. getthemoney112211 Says:

    @Pineclown o..

  9. bigmountainpaintball Says:

    @SavageNoScop3 dude why!?!?!?! it’s so much better

  10. nintendo64wiinescube Says:

    @getthemoney112211 How can you suck with the CCP? It’s like giving you aimbot compared to the Wii Remote. You DON’T NEED ANY SKILL with it. Wii Remote takes SKILL to get a kill with.

  11. nintendo64wiinescube Says:

    @bigmountainpaintball It’s better if your a noob who can’t point and shoot. Sure I use it from time to time.. but really… it’s just cheap..

  12. bigmountainpaintball Says:

    @nintendo64wiinescube i understand…i guess i do use my wiimote from time to time but it doesnt seem to be as much fun as a classic controller.

  13. TheSever67 Says:

    Savage good job dude. Can u tell conboy to make more top 5 plays

  14. TheCSBustCommunity Says:

    the 2st made no colleteral

  15. Chippy215Boss Says:

    nice 5 top plays can u guys please subscribe to me

  16. theIMOMO Says:

    ey do you want to join my clan [TDE]
    send my a message if you want

  17. Seedope Says:

    Number 1 is common, js

  18. Misfitfan69 Says:

    #4 wasn’t a wallbang if u look closely there was no hitmarker so it was probably someone he had downed that was in second chance that died…

  19. zeyash Says:

    hey how to t-bag
    in wii

  20. wadep321 Says:

    Xbox top 5 plays is so much better someone got 32 kills in 1 napalm in it

  21. WiiSh0tz Says:

    can it be xbox360 gameplay

  22. 1250448 Says:

    wat is ur ally code

  23. 1250448 Says:

    wat is ur ally code

  24. Jmauer62 Says:

    i need to tape my gameplay of a quad feed of a ladder stall

  25. DrunkenPandadan Says:

    @wadep321 impossible only 5-9 players on a team at a time and max players in a game is 18 for ground war

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