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Get the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Advanced CoD Black Ops Strategy Guide App for 2011 By BattleStrats. We appreciate everyone who gets this app as it helps support our site and keeps us creating videos for the community. Thanks Or in ITunes store search BattleStrats and click on Phone Apps Call of Duty: Black Ops Strategy Guide In this video I show you how to pick up some easy achievement / trophy points before you even begin the single player campaign or multiplayer experience. Quick and less than 5 minutes Achievements / Trophies Just ask me nicely Insert Coin Sally Likes Blood (Optional) Eaten by a Grue Ignore: call of duty black ops cheat codes walkthrough tips tricks hints easy commentary secrets hidden easter eggs strategy guide achievements trophy just ask me nicely insert coin sally likes blood eaten by a grue howto free tutorial yt:stretch=16:9 yt:quality=high xbox 360 ps3 pc playstation 3 video games entertainment

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27 Comments on “COD: Black Ops Secret / Cheat Codes Easy Unlocks Walkthrough”

  1. Cyberkiller211 Says:

    theres more some are secret cheats im not sure if what people say its true cause ive never tried it myself they say if you type in UFO you get some kinda cheat [not sure if xbox 360 or ps3] theres more secret cheats but i dont know them.


  2. Jaysonakrons Says:

    Can you do this on the wii? If so what buttons? :D. Thanks.

  3. TheJack768 Says:

    Dead ops arcade wont work, i typed in DOA and nothing.
    please help!

  4. spacehog3000 Says:

    is there dead ops arcade on wii?

  5. wondeification777 Says:

    Well thanks alot 😛

  6. PeterHatYai2008 Says:

    There is a working Black Ops 15th prestige hack!!!
    Do a search for the user 4FunHacks on Youtube, he has a video with it.
    It works very well and it’s undetectable!

  7. kirstien1 Says:

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  8. NguyetKrebs88 Says:

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  9. lolopoar1 Says:

    NOOOOOOO! FUCKING! i cant achievement!!!! WTF!!! i dont cheats ;_;

  10. TheZombieWatch Says:

    whats zork i need more detail

  11. poprestra Says:

    Want to win iPad 2? Check out my profile.

  12. wrestling1121 Says:

    how do we get “ascension”?

  13. Megamanlover10002 Says:

    So u think that u need to look down at ure hands but u don’t need to.

  14. Alex0Ridda Says:

    redneck LOL 😀

  15. TheJezzababy Says:

    @wrestling1121 you go to the shop and buy 1200 msp lol

  16. thegtaman123456789 Says:

    @wrestling1121 download first strike map pack

  17. wrestling1121 Says:

    @Megamanlover10002 oh ok, the shop is down now so i cant buy it yet.

  18. DDazzle1 Says:

    @lolopoar1 English..

    Please use it.

  19. lolopoar1 Says:

    @DDazzle1 lol? ????

  20. DDazzle1 Says:

    @lolopoar1 i don’t think anyone would understand what you’re saying, mate..

  21. RyleeYounker Says:

    This is awesome. My dad plays blackops and he could really use this.


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  23. TheMinecraftTips Says:

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  24. Flyingstealthvids Says:

    DEAR treyarch, us fans of your games.(black ops and waw) would like you to offer waw map packs in black ops YES you did offer it if we pre ordered black ops and i believe it was a special edition of it! SOME OF US DONT HAVE THE MONEY OR DIDNT TO PRE-ORDER a 120 doller game…. please treyarch offer us der riese shino numa verrukt and nacht for a reasonable price.. please viewers like this and post on ALL black ops videos thank you
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  25. YouriandMax Says:

    does the code 3arc unlock work for the wii?

  26. carla Says:

    ps3 cheats please

  27. carla Says:

    need map for ps3 shangri la

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