Cod Black Ops GOLD GUN ONLINE Hack Xbox 360 and PS3 Via USB

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YEAH WE CHEAT.. SO WHAT.. This hack allows you to get the gold gun camo on Call of Duty Black Ops. This works on Xbox 360 and PS3! The video explains everything in great detail. This glitch works with an Xbox 360 or a PS3 both on Xbox live and PSN. If you are doing this hack please show support and LIKE this video 🙂 Please remember ONLY DOWNLOAD FROM If you don’t download from here you could get a virus or spyware. Thanks! Happy Hacking 😀

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26 Comments on “Cod Black Ops GOLD GUN ONLINE Hack Xbox 360 and PS3 Via USB”

  1. pobeeGirl Says:

    This is the shit! Treyarch realy messed up here

  2. cdJj1963 Says:

    i love your videos!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cpasseri7727 Says:

    Great, thanks man, this is the first hack that is real for this on the internet

  4. uncleCharliepugh Says:

    i totally subscribed

  5. lulu04538 Says:

    you guys rock

  6. jettaleigh04 Says:

    this is legit!

  7. toyia31755 Says:

    nice channal

  8. naemartin Says:

    Your Awesome! Definitely the most creative youtuber?

  9. maxrob355 Says:

    Your Awesome! Definitely the most creative youtuber?

  10. sherriBaby25 Says:

    Omg u are so accurate, precise, and yet so easy to understand. keep up the tutorials man,? u rock

  11. jake7247 Says:


  12. wrongwayLady Says:

    I did this and it works.

  13. std1298 Says:

    I’m thought this was dumb, tried this and it works

  14. brandyheinrich Says:

    best hack ever!

  15. beyondlife2784 Says:

    Hi can we be friends? 🙂

  16. linDadenney Says:

    thanks man

  17. havliklynn Says:

    OMG!! It works to prefection!

  18. aecc1222 Says:

    so wonderful

  19. pinkAngel2774 Says:

    Duuude I hope this dosent get patched

  20. cranstoncinzia Says:

    you guys rock

  21. Rdtrevorbalthaza Says:

    OMG!! It works to prefection!

  22. Charlottefrailey Says:

    thank you guy, pretty useful

  23. henrylab22 Says:

    i totally subscribed

  24. Tracyarweiler Says:

    the best hack ever

  25. annbelblas Says:

    You Rock!

  26. kurtys Says:

    when i got to download the file it asks me to complete a survey and i click on one of them and then it tells me something about valid information and then i click okay and nothing happens and it wont download it for me.

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