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hello youtube today i will show you a few things ive learned in black ops since 11.9.10 please rate, comment, and sub and dont FR me on live please message (Glossary Below) Song Name @0:10 Computer Cheats @0:18 Modded Clan Tag @1:24 (patched 11/24/10) How to Try Out Guns for Free @1:45 Secret Achivements @2:00 “Five” Table Glitch @2:19 (patched 11/24/10) Unlimited Playercard Money @3:13 Exclusive Message @3:58

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25 Comments on “COD Black Ops Cheats and Glitches”

  1. TheswissMilk999 Says:

    download link

  2. cooolllaz Says:

    @rivaboy32 s t u p i d

  3. boomey5555 Says:

    @rivaboy32 hey can u just send me a message what to do i dont got XBL ­čÖü and have no ps3

  4. Sgtbuttnugget12 Says:

    get a life and go outside fags

  5. thedannypickering Says:


  6. RsBr0nZe Says:

    check my video for x22 instanthook ­čÖé undected scan if yo want


  7. ATLMALKRIA19 Says:

    jow men wots op need jur help men let mi know iff u kan help mi out

  8. MrChris73636 Says:

    nice glitches iknow some to

  9. hockeydude634 Says:

    oooooooo me like the song

  10. blackops74515 Says:

    @yes0684 can u plz tell me i will suscribe w8 i think i already did plz tell me how!

  11. blackops74515 Says:

    @rivaboy32 its not patched it still works for me and i have an xbox

  12. TheInsideOutOreo Says:

    i HATE when they pached the 5 tble FR me midnite rider 8

  13. Theyoyopro1 Says:

    jfghdgdffg awesome asdfghjklcvbnm

  14. Theyoyopro1 Says:

    jfghdgdffg awesome asdfghjklcvbnm thanks for the tip

  15. joao2012ish Says:

    If you want a working prestige hack, I found one:

  16. MrCooldude9090 Says:

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  17. joao2012ish Says:

    If anyone is interested, I’m using the prestige hack from this video:
    You can also check out this guy’s blog at:
    bit. ly/eyg2rX

  18. iphonebeegapps Says:

    Latest Black´╗┐ Ops Cheats!

    Grab yours here: downloadblackops . tk

  19. TheXxxsupergamerxxx Says:

    no one cares about xbox it sucks

  20. junkyhobo123 Says:

    thanks for the glitches man

  21. joao2012ish Says:

    Working 15th prestige hack!

  22. LandonThomas23 Says:

    DO NOT LISTEN TO joao2012ish, the video is malformed or shit like that!

  23. NeverMind2991 Says:

    how to play zork?

  24. hack504 Says:

    but what is your live accont??

  25. mrjangofett123 Says:

    @TheXxxsupergamerxxx u suck then

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