Classic Controller Pro Black Ops Wii Gameplay

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Hope you enjoyed my first gameplay with the classic controller pro! 100 likes for more Classic Controller Gameplay! ______________________ Please Follow Me On Twitter: _________________ Download the new and improved official iC0Nb0Y Toolbar

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26 Comments on “Classic Controller Pro Black Ops Wii Gameplay”

  1. xxdarkstar7310xx1 Says:

    @TheRainaRainaa ima add u my name is skull night 310

  2. JJWalrusBoy Says:


    i think nobody really gives a shit

  3. rayMacy Says:

    Wow the other team kinda of…sucks? Like you said though, it’s probably a lot more challenging playing this game on Wii as opposed to PS3 and 360…I’m used to playing this on 360 but am getting a Wii for cheap simply because I’m not really a hardcore gamer and I want Netflix. Still probably play this a lot though. Thanks for the info on the controller.

  4. CarlZigZags Says:

    great video man, and good match 🙂

  5. pmealsable Says:

    the only difference between the wii and xbox or ps3 is graphics and there are better players on the other consoles not saying that your bad but we have to get really good to deal with hackers and just plain gamers which is good and bad because it makes the game more intense but also makes it harder for newcomers

  6. mario3512 Says:

    you called that a pro well im pro for picking my nose lol



  8. Cube6881 Says:

    i too have this game and the ccp you may say that it is harder on the ps3 and xbox but well heres the thing its a guy with a dual analog contoller vs people with a wiimote and nunchuck randomly spraying!!! P.S. You need wifi for online and no you dont need friends!!

  9. CodenameAvatar Says:

    iconboy i got a question i knife only in black ops like onlyuseme blade so i just bought a classic controller pro so i can lunge. however after 2 matches i realize that i cant lunge in the game!!! is it because treyarch patched the lunging or i just didnt lunge from a far enough distance??? btw what control setup should i use for knife only???

  10. Cpmyppproductions Says:

    CCP is good for FPS on wii


    Am planing on getting this soon but can anyone tell me the setting you need to make the controls basically the same as ps3 or xbox


    Ermm what did you say at around 1:34. When you said I dont belive you can … 😀 Sorry you could say am death..

  13. blueliner1224 Says:

    I have black ops but I only play waw on the wii

    My name is e

  14. xXJatjeXx Says:

    what is your friend code?

  15. Flipazn777 Says:

    @kyleo0owns ok the wii may not have “good graphics” unlike the xbox, it may be a “family system” it may be a system that lots of kids have, but one thing for sure is it is much more fun than the xbox and ps3. i would rather play on the wii with the wiimote than sit on my ass being a couch potato, playing it with the corded controls the xbox has. sales for black ops are now over 5 mill. thanks to the wii it went up. so think twice before bitching about the wii.

  16. scooterdude307 Says:

    more more more

  17. MegaCabbageman Says:

    I went thru 2 Xbox before i said fuck it im going to wii, don’t get me wrong i love xbox for its support , its party system,and all the extras. But its not worth the pain in the ass of having to fix rrod. Ill take shitty graphics over anything

  18. BananaPieWorshipper Says:

    @MegaCabbageman I have a question, if u get the classic controller pro, do u have the little white dot on the screen like with the wiimote? or no it’s just like xbox if u have the controller pro?

  19. MegaCabbageman Says:

    @BananaPieWorshipper i just got 2 hours ago just like xbox

  20. MegaCabbageman Says:


  21. BananaPieWorshipper Says:

    @MegaCabbageman u can change the sensitivity right? becuz i was watching sum1 and they had alot of trouble moving :3

  22. prestonmacdaddy Says:

    Yo whatup. I got black ops on wii, my name is [PwNz]P-MAC916 I’m eighth prestige. I’m boss. Hit me up send me your ally code

  23. TheBakedZD Says:

    People who play this game on Wii suck. You were right next to someone several times and they didn’t see you and walked away following a butterfly or something or they failed at a knife in your back after you failed your knife.


    @MegaCabbageman Oh i finally got it and i just use the default one.
    Its great 😀

  25. lllambert99 Says:

    Hi conboy I was wondering if it costs money to get online for wii

  26. Lynell Correll Says:

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