Call of Duty : Black Ops zombies : Ultimate Glitching and Cheating ( Glitch & Unlimited ammo )

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Note: We do NOT care about the fucking leaderboards, we did this for the luls.

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26 Comments on “Call of Duty : Black Ops zombies : Ultimate Glitching and Cheating ( Glitch & Unlimited ammo )”

  1. iPodDutch Says:

    for PC:
    go to:
    C: drive > program files > steam > steamapps > common > call of duty black ops > players > config.cfg
    than type in :
    bind P “sf_use_ignoreammo 1”
    somewhere in the file, and save it….
    now when you press “P” while playing zombies you get unlimited ammo.
    you can change “P” into any unbound key you prefer.
    in online zombies you’ll have to be the host to activate the cheat.
    it is plausible for the xbox but for that you need to watch some other vids..

  2. 2k11Clarky Says:

    how do u get on table add me wen u read this

  3. iPodDutch Says:

    @2k11clarky there’s a cheat for the hight you can jump, when you can jump higher, you can get on the table

  4. lovelyqueenhannaXx Says:

    BlAcK OpS ZoMbIeS RuLe!!!

  5. trickyD14 Says:

    i just farted

  6. ParodyProdutions2011 Says:

    how do you get the unlimted ammo in the ps3 zombiemode Thx 🙂

  7. salmonrocksyourworld Says:

    PROOF! that people have no life.

  8. 1997OA Says:

    sucks big dick u guys have no damn life

  9. hctcboy141 Says:

    whats a thinger?

  10. carlospicyweiner Says:

    it would be more fun if i could kill all the zombies then save the earth but this game never ends unless i shut it off he he he he he ehehehehehhehehhe

  11. EdwardRocks5 Says:

    How do u get all those glitches to work???? plz answer

  12. EdwardRocks5 Says:

    Plz answer how did u get them glitches?

  13. hagerjay Says:

    at 5:00 it looks like 4th of July LOL

  14. rlm467 Says:

    everyone wants to know HOW DO U GET THE CHEATS
    oh and send me an e mail if you want to know how to be immortal

  15. snowwolfable Says:

    how did u get on the table
    dont say just glitch come on make avideo about man

  16. Schilli81 Says:

    don’t be lazy and search on youtube for yourself

  17. alexisalfarotobar Says:


  18. marjem87 Says:

    @rlm467 I wanna know! Plz tell me 🙂

  19. MegaRedHeadMan Says:

    the greatest gun to upgrade nd have unlimited ammo would be the f-ing Wunderwaffe DG-2

  20. ib360 Says:

    i have god cheat ^^
    but they’ve patched unlimited ammo i think —

  21. 31dopeboi Says:

    1:10. you almost died. you suck.

  22. TheDragonlord10 Says:

    dude what infinite ammo glitch did u use

  23. darkscull12345 Says:

    i no right!? Y DONT U SAY!?

  24. itachii7 Says:

    tell me how to get unlimited ammo pls

  25. tayyabno10 Says:

    How do u do that?

  26. CODBOrulzzzz!!! Says:

    To get on the table u brake the glass on the top left, bottom left, and bottom right. Then u build the barrier. Then jump on the ends of the barrier. Then u can jump on the small table then the main table. U r welcome!!!

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