Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox & PS3) (Secret / Cheat Codes / Minigame)

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Once you break out of the chair by pressing L2 and R2 (PS3) or LT and RT (Xbox) you can go to the cornor where you can get on the computer. Here are some codes you can try out. Please comment to show me how I can improve my videos and if my codes work.

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26 Comments on “Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox & PS3) (Secret / Cheat Codes / Minigame)”

  1. 619zed Says:

    Dude ive been looking for that sonng for ever!! whtas the name?

  2. PolarX1204 Says:

    Love the song what’s it called!! :p

  3. AABaterys Says:

    if your not sure of cheats that work,why would you tell us?

  4. JERSUB1 Says:

    @AABaterys this was made a while ago, so ive tested them all and i am sure they all work

  5. SKATE0WAKE Says:

    The map is called five, and you can unlock it with the cheat, or you could beat campain

  6. SKATE0WAKE Says:


  7. theultimatefight55 Says:

    wow um so these work for xbox 360

  8. JERSUB1 Says:

    hey it works on ps3 and xbox!

  9. inFAMOUSKING809 Says:

    i knew this already i thought it was new ones

  10. ninjaK398 Says:

    i used 3ARC UNLOCK on ps3 but its not working o.0 is there no space or something?

  11. ThePowercreed Says:

    No spaces

  12. ttmmosca123 Says:

    Thats it wow ui found the codes u gave my on my but

  13. dkingbrian Says:

    1) Hold your breath.

    2) Copy all of these steps.

    3) Go to two other video.

    4) Paste it in the comments.

    If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good pot smoker

  14. Whiteytheripper Says:

    It doesnt unlock 5 zombie missions, it unlocks the zombie level five and dead ops arcade. But to get the acheivement/trophy you need to type DOA and ZORK

  15. punchoner100 Says:

    when you buy the map packs he means

  16. DuckMoonStarXx411xX Says:

    dont do help its doesn’t really work i tried it and well it showed codes but suckie ones

  17. beensick666 Says:

    3arc unlockonly gets you two maps

  18. jyoungerable Says:

    hey stupid, it unlockes 2 maps not 5 dip shit

  19. awesomedude399 Says:

    I tried the 3arc unlock on my black ops computer but it only un locked five, and dead ops. You said it could unlack 5 different zombie maps.Could this be that I have an xbox not a PS3? Plz message back, thank you

  20. JERSUB1 Says:

    @awesomedude399 im sorry this video is FUCK old im going to make a new video soon when i have the time k…

  21. edysonmacho Says:

    @jyoungerable at least he helped you dumb bitch.

  22. ThatWasJustMyLife Says:

    @awesomedude399 Don’t know if this has been said yet or not, but he obviously made a mistake and thought that “Five” meant five different zombie maps, not the one map called “Five”.

  23. Xbox360gamer510 Says:

    @awesomedude399 no its supposed to unlock only five and dead ops arcade

  24. 1machetegrande Says:

    @awesomedude399 hey dude theres only 4 maps sooo yea that explains it but then only 3 yea not 5 just 2

  25. TheJess656 Says:

    @awesomedude399 You have to have HardLine Edition

  26. bidninja Says:

    There are some incredibly excellent ideas here. Cannot wait to put some of these into action. Its extremely heading to bring excellent vibrations exactly where the vibrations must be

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