Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Zombie footage Pt.1

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Zombie footage Pt.1”

  1. ELKN1F3 Says:


  2. 2001mrwiigamer Says:

    dont be such assholes guys its his first time and it was made in november 8 he pre ordered it so shut the fuck up god damn

  3. xxdarkstar7310xx1 Says:

    @SSBBmaster10 oh nvm just got the game it doesnt have those maps

  4. MrYeyey3 Says:

    you SUCK

  5. Mukinanza Says:

    fking biggest fail noob i hope u die

  6. yankeesfan337 Says:

    If you were in my lobby I would kick you out

  7. BlazingPain360 Says:

    LOL! i wanna see another fail like that. im sorry but that was a fail. imagine you were the last person online to actually be alive . and u had a friken ray gun and thunder gun. how would that turn out…

  8. hamsterattack227 Says:

    y would u upload this ur terrable you should practice more before u upload a piece of crap like this

  9. DJD3STR0Y3R Says:

    wtf is thiss?

  10. luismateo16 Says:

    dude you suck… fag hope ya die in hell … fag

  11. 2001mrwiigamer Says:

    @luismateo16 my fuckin nipples you take things way to serious you dont even know him which clearly makes you retarded just because he sucks doesnt mean you have to say go to hell god its just a fuckin game anyways the game isnt even out when he uploaded this and he pre ordered it and he is playing on the wii which is harder than playing on xbox or ps3

  12. 2001mrwiigamer Says:

    @Mukinanza asshole ur retarded its his first god damn time

  13. 2001mrwiigamer Says:

    dumbasses dont even notice the date

  14. XDlolfunny Says:

    you guys don’t understand anything
    Can you READ the description? or at least look at the date?
    See the date? That’s when black ops first came too wii.
    And it is the first time a wii gamer has ever faced zombies in BO
    So please, stfu and gtfo if your going to bitch about his skill

  15. rabidpenguin392 Says:

    Are the maps for zombies on wii different than xbox and ps3?

  16. Logzloll Says:

    U suck so much my little sister could do better and she hasn’t ever seen COD

  17. kittycatonfire Says:

    @XDlolfunny there has been other call of duty games. He sucks, I mean even if he didn’t fight zombies he still sucks.

  18. debbie24292 Says:

    man im better than u

  19. NoobEatMahRice Says:

    WUT THE FRICKK????? u suck….my dad (whos a stereotypical azn dad) tried zombies and he lasted until lvl 6!!! and u?? lvl 1 when 1 came right in front of u????

  20. cMehu Says:

    Why is there a mission select when there is only 1 map? 😮 Is there a map pack for WII? 🙂

  21. MrRangerkid Says:


  22. 2ILLWorldProductions Says:

    @rabidpenguin392 on Kino Der Toten the only two differents is AUG Can be bought off the wall under the sentry gun in the theater and the Mysterbox in the Spwan room is moved against the wall in a more conveinent spot

  23. MultiFerndale Says:

    dude u fail o round 1

  24. WTOJavier Says:

    ur the stupidest zombie player ive ever seen …

  25. 9795Garza Says:

    Not even 1st round try somthing else

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