Call of Duty Black Ops Wii vs PS3 Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombie comparison | PC | XBOX | DS

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The graphics are not as good as the Ps3 which is obvious, but they still look brilliant. I did notice that the wii had less items on the screen such as the chess set 5:20 and the windows 4:50 .

The sound is also better on the PS3 than the Wii. Overall I am very surprised with how good the Wii version looks and plays.

YES, it’s not as good as the PS3, but I’m still surprised I’m even comparing the 2 games.

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27 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Wii vs PS3 Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombie comparison | PC | XBOX | DS”

  1. Deathrider223 Says:

    Wii doesnt have an R button Genuis

  2. Deathrider223 Says:

    Wii doesnt have an R button Genuis

  3. MrBadgerboy11 Says:

    yea the wii looks tht crappy with black ops lol ive played the cameign on ps3 and wii and it looks terrable on the wii dont even match up to the wii but the wii makes black ups pretty fun

  4. tenags0708 Says:

    @Deathrider223 if you use the classic controller there is an R button “genius”

  5. arup02 Says:

    @mechanicjoe lol are you idiot or what? Now you’re going to say that you don’t care about graphics. LOL Nice one. This isn’t 8-bit era anymore, things have evolved, graphics are more realistic than ever. And yet i find people like you.

  6. TheTimeLimited Says:

    @arup02 no it dident your a retard look at a cod 3 video for ps2

  7. glendoomed Says:

    @arup02 I agree.

  8. mrjohnster281 Says:

    wii is the pc beacuse there is no r in the wii

  9. mrjohnster281 Says:

    wii is the pc beacuse there is no r in the wii
    there is a z c 1 2 b home – plus and power button and up down left right pad and to reload you have to shake the wii remote

  10. 123youcantseemeCOD Says:

    how would it be wii if it says press y to rebuild barier on the wii side.

  11. beastkly Says:

    there is a r button and all that shi- on the wii classic controller

  12. 5NumberProductions Says:

    Wii is definitly not pc because no matter when i put 800x ~600x its not that bad graphicly

  13. MrResidentevil534 Says:

    @xXxZeffaxXx Dude im better than you on xbox and wii. Ps3 can suck it. Yeah you suck big time man. And you say i suck you little cunt sucker. Stupid noob.

  14. maximetennis Says:

    when you have a WII jou think its better than PS3
    and when you have a PS3 jou think its better than the PS3

  15. xXxZeffaxXx Says:

    @MrResidentevil534 Of course you’d probably be better than me on Xbox, seeing as I don’t own an Xbox or have even played the Xbox and Wii is for pussies, I’m sure that’s why you still have yours, lol. What I want to know is, why you’re getting so upset on each comment you make and your comebacks get worse and worse. Anyway though, if you’re as good as you say you are, by all means, please upload a video. Otherwise you’re all talk buddy. End of discussion.

  16. silyanina Says:

    @arup02 siemens cell phones have better graphics than wii….

  17. MrResidentevil534 Says:

    @xXxZeffaxXx No your the fucking pussy with you saying end of discussion. You had enough with me owning you. Your a ps3 owner and ps3 are for pussies so what are you going to do make a shitty comeback joke. Plus i dont make comebacks because i always win. So go ahead a give me your best comeback. You fucking pussy.

  18. DonikaSNM Says:

    looks better on wii xD

  19. MrResidentevil534 Says:

    @xXxZeffaxXx Plus i know what your dumbass is going to say. Your going to say well upload the video then or your going to keep talking about how much you suck at games and you think your the greatest. Seriously go bitch about it to your boyfriend.

  20. andrew228361 Says:

    ps3 is better

  21. furu4e Says:

    the wii is similar to the ps2 in terms in graphics but is still a little beter

  22. BigBlackSHOES123 Says:

    @FirstshotFrmfivr i like the music xD

  23. 123takua Says:

    treyarch made the wii version like they rushed making it
    it seems treyarch only cares about ps3 and xbox

  24. drprettyboyhot1 Says:

    Best perks ghost, sleight of hand and hacker for me

  25. kittinlover1 Says:

    fail wii sucks for first player shooter

  26. David Domincki Says:

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