Call of Duty: Black Ops [Wii] – Top 5 Plays : Week 7

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Thanks guys for submitting don’t forget to check out the clip submitters! edited by: xKhaoz- Intro by: 1. 2. 4. 5.

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty: Black Ops [Wii] – Top 5 Plays : Week 7”

  1. iplygmes Says:

    hey ive been thinking about submitting but how do i do so and what are the rules etc

  2. DudesvilleMPH Says:

    @211atoz a collateral is 2 or more kills with 1 bullet, a tripe would be three and quad would be 4

  3. Seriesoftubes1337 Says:


    #2 is also #3?

  4. Motox461 Says:

    xBlAcKoUtz is my reflex name! hah

  5. falloutbooy96 Says:

    Play2Win <3

  6. TheDarknessArising Says:

    Make a real life vid! 🙂

  7. jakeispimp1234567890 Says:

    I got a triple headshot collateral but I didnt record it >.< smh -_-


    hehe my bro #1 ftw

  9. TheBakupro Says:

    Why do people say 5 was beast? It’s actually not that hard to line up… Plus, that triple collat was much better IMO! 😀

  10. Fishyguitar22 Says:

    @jakeispimp1234567890 i gotta double headshot collateral with the wii remote and the psg. didnt record it tho 😛

  11. choff28 Says:

    will it be acceptable if it’s in camera quality?

  12. sethbergs Says:

    IMO collateral = multi-kill with one bullet. Doesnt shotty spray multi-bullets with one shot? Good kills anyways

  13. gmcq27 Says:

    @sethbergs Yeah thats the idea behind the shotgun. shoot a whole tonne of pellets and hope to kill something

  14. gmcq27 Says:

    Shit’s gonna go down when pineclowns in town

  15. sleigher98 Says:

    omg blackops on wii is so shit…. omg get a ps3 or xbox. dam the graphics are crap its like cod1

  16. gudgelus Says:

    @sleigher98 no one gives a shit about graphics… stop being such an asshole who thinks that the only game out there is cod and the wii is gay. Sure all consles have ups and down, but to say that graphics make a game is just being a douchebag.

  17. Tiiiimu Says:

    5 was the worst clip ever!

  18. nobodymwr Says:

    @sleigher98 the people who made cod1 have more of a life then you will ever have -_- fag

  19. asscracka19 Says:

    wiid sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wait wii sucks

  20. Laiiien Says:

    Got Call of duty BO on Wii :D? Why not join UCW Elite (United COD Warriors )

  21. fl3xmac18 Says:

    savage i just got a jump shot no scope calliratial on reflex but i dont have a dazzel can we use like a video camera 2 record

  22. juhanitje Says:

    @w11ckedd wow that tomahawk is so prh0 (sarcasm)

  23. TheChoop31 Says:

    @SavageNoScop3 can you belive CoNBoY Submitted For My Top Plays!

  24. TheWiiModz Says:


  25. Darkseeker109 Says:

    @sleigher98 the graphics might be shit but its amazing how much content they got into the wii version of the games you have to give props to the developers for trying to make the wii version as identical as the 360 and ps3 in terms of content.

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