Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Multiplayer: Episode 6 (Commentary + CT)

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Not as great as the last match but’s its far from the worst. Call of Duty Black Ops is a multi-platform FPS (First Person Shooter) available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. The Wii version of the game has to be the least ideal because of graphics (no big deal for me), random slow down, and less content like Nazi Zombies Maps, and the DeadOps Arcade game.

But IMO (In my opinion) Black Ops on the Nintendo Wii is superior to GoldenEye 007 Wii. Recording: EasyCap DC-60 + Ulead Studio Composite Video Sony Vegas 8.0 Nintendo Wii (Duh) Classic Controller Pro \ If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe.

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Multiplayer: Episode 6 (Commentary + CT)”

  1. warped1987 Says:

    Love yer style of playing. Straight RUN-N-GUN, wish I could play COD, haven’t played since my PS3 was sitll working for CODMW. Well I am getting CODBO for my wii on my birthday, along with a router and a headset so I can rock that shit like the good ‘ol days. I just hope the game play is similar to what I was used to. I am new to wii and so far I’m on the verge of hating it. Hoping Black Ops will convert me

  2. javiantiagox Says:

    dude im subscribing this might no be that good (its still good) nut i dont care shit, im subscribing, nice gameplay, if you can, can you subscribe to me? 🙂

  3. Jonny2k9Idm Says:

    You use bots and your still shit.

  4. CQDknight Says:

    Noob its combat training….
    Dont trick us!

  5. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @CQDknight Hey smartass, you’ve made yourself look like a real smart guy, because it clearly doesn’t say CT(Combat Training) In the title. BTW your blocked, have a nice day 🙂

  6. DjRiKky1995 Says:

    combat training (FAKE AND GAY)

  7. lightdragon53562 Says:

    *throws semtex at sign*
    “that was stupid”
    LOL i’ll subscribe to u

  8. guber2013 Says:

    who plays commentats on combat training???

  9. kasperino99 Says:

    @CQDknight damn right hes just trying to make it looks like hes good, he kinda REALLY SUCKS!

  10. ElFaRyElFaRyElFaRy Says:

    0:37 EPIC FAIL

  11. amylynnsmith Says:

    i did the same thing went to xbox to wii realy hard!

  12. oniedaman2 Says:

    HAHAHAH dumb cunt dosent notice hes playing combat training HAHAHAHHAA

  13. TheGamingSensei Says:

    calm yourselves, so what if it is combat training im 10001% sure that you do the same fucking things. So all you people out there saying that this is combat training, read the title AND do yourselves a favor and shut you vagina hole!!! LpsForNintendo: what gun do you have?

  14. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @TheGamingSensei Thanks, and AK-47.

  15. wadep321 Says:

    Why play wii it sucks and you played combat training and said it was a real game. Play xbox or ps3

  16. wadep321 Says:

    Some kid in the comment section just said that wii has better graphics than xbox and ps3 the wii graphics suck every thing is blury even on an HD tv.

  17. stupidmarioandluigi Says:

    what did you do so you respond so fast

  18. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @stupidmarioandluigi In the video or the comment section? In the video the audio is just slightly off-sync, as for the replying to comments I just check every now and again to answer questions/concerns.

  19. Wolf31199 Says:

    What is your online name and ally code?

  20. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @Wolf31199 Channel Description.

  21. Wolf31199 Says:

    What is your online name?

  22. IpodHelper104 Says:

    How do you respawn so fast?

  23. legoboychris Says:

    srry but when i play i get like 2 deaths and 100 kills on regular to hard on the wii 😀

  24. legoboychris Says:

    @guber2013 i Know right

  25. finntom123 Says:

    haha you fucking suck at blak ops

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