Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Multiplayer Episode 1 (Commentary + CT)

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In this episode I’m just trying to get the hang of things, and am using the Crossbow because it’s fun, no questions asked. Call of Duty Black Ops is a multi-platform FPS (First Person Shooter) available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

The Wii version of the game has to be the least ideal because of graphics (no big deal for me), random slow down, and less content like Nazi Zombies Maps, and the DeadOps Arcade game.

But IMO (In my opinion) Black Ops on the Nintendo Wii is superior to GoldenEye 007

WiiRecording: EasyCap DC-60 + Ulead Studio (Combat Training) Composite Video Sony Vegas 8.0 Nintendo Wii (Duh) Classic Controller Pro.

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Multiplayer Episode 1 (Commentary + CT)”

  1. sargendude Says:

    @runeric2 Add me ASS a friend XXDXD

  2. villi109 Says:

    how do you play balck ops in wii with wiizapper or with the classic controler ???

  3. MrFlac00 Says:

    Does this have ragdoll in it?

  4. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @MrFlac00 Ragdoll? Now I have to check…..

  5. runeric2 Says:

    srry some1 hacked me yesterday on my youtube acc i hate NERDS that do that

  6. Ccslater16 Says:

    @868zman and there is also a scope for Wii on the crossbo

  7. kitrush93 Says:

    omg ur are the nerdiest loser ever!! at 5:09 OMG 18:10 not the hardest thing to do.. wanker..

  8. USMClxl Says:

    wow wii sucks

  9. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @USMClxl Go watch Episode 11 I have bad quality here.

  10. NapalmNow Says:

    cool vid, gameplay and continue posting … bye 🙂

  11. dj15209 Says:

    can you play with friends here? and can you talk with a mic?

  12. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @dj15209 Yes, and yes!

  13. dj15209 Says:

    @LPsForNintendo how?

  14. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @dj15209 How what, how to play with friends? To play with friends you get their friend codes an invite them to a match, and to talk with a mic, you buy a mic that’s compatible with Black Ops. The End.

  15. dj15209 Says:

    @LPsForNintendo cool

  16. LPsForNintendo Says:

    Newer videos look the best, and better commentary lol.

  17. NintendoFan61 Says:

    how come noone uses the wii remote everyone uses the classic controller??

  18. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @NintendoFan61 I like the classic controller because I don’t like using the Wii-Mote+Nunchuk, other might feel the same.

  19. lelandac Says:

    god damn why The FUCK is your video laggy get a better fucking PVR

  20. LPsForNintendo Says:

    @lelandac Watch the newer episodes, what do you expect with Composite Video and a $7 capturing card, just watch episode 9-14

  21. lelandac Says:

    @LPsForNintendo NO. i will con– watch what i want.

  22. chamo170 Says:

    you SUCK. you are the noob

  23. MLink96 Says:


    Take pills dude.

  24. MrSnipingiNinja Says:

    Combat Training… i cant Believe You can even call Bots Newbs.. You are the fucking Nub…

  25. 1123maxi Says:

    @chamo170 you’r right bro he sucks!!!!

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