Call of Duty Black Ops Wii – L96A1 Sniper Gameplay READ DESCRIPTION

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Here’s a vid showing off some sniper gameplay of Black Ops Wii using the L96A1. If you’re a PS360 fanboy who is going to talk shit about how horrible the Wii is, then get out. Also this gameplay was not meant to show skill, I only uploaded this to let other Wii players see what sniping is like in this game.

I was in fact playing against bots, only because I had trouble connecting to the servers on normal WiFi matches. Yes there is a weird camo glitch on my gun. My scope aiming style is pointer (W@W style). My sensitivity is at 25 and my scope sensitivity is 23. Thanks for watching! Make sure you like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed 🙂

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Wii – L96A1 Sniper Gameplay READ DESCRIPTION”

  1. TheGiantMichael Says:

    nice colat at the beggining

  2. BreakdanceVS Says:

    How do get that white thingy

  3. KingPale Says:

    @BreakdanceVS change your reticle color in options

  4. KingPale Says:

    @bandyjb1 its not its harder i play ps3 an wii. wii is a lot more challenging personaly i like it more

  5. MrSnoopysmooth Says:

    @EdMDGamer yeah that thing

  6. TheTopska Says:

    hard scope

  7. remiedog Says:

    How do u play against bots? do u must have WI FI ? Please Ansfer this question (i have Cod Black ops new on Wii )

  8. cassmazz Says:

    okay this may be a stupid qstion but how do u get on combat training im a noob

  9. cal73198 Says:

    Pong has better graphics and gameplay then this

  10. Tacoses100 Says:

    To play against bots on xbox u don’t need wifi not sure for wii but for xbox u go into a custom game offline and it will say how many enemies u want in settings

  11. PR3D95 Says:

    i get that stupid same glitch on my L96A1 too 🙁

  12. MegaJaykill Says:

    I can’t really quick scope with the zapper… I’m better with the classic one:) but ur not bad

  13. lilwayne5253tang Says:

    salut tu pourret me dire ac kell atout ,attribut … tu joue ac se snipe

  14. mAzX345 Says:


  15. richard88bm Says:


  16. stientie97 Says:

    @cassmazz if youre at the main menu, then go to multiplayer, then to online, then to combat training.
    do you have a wii , ps3 or 360?

  17. remiedog Says:

    Aa somebody that don’t use ACOH or hows it called xD Good work xd

  18. cassmazz Says:

    @stientie97 i have a wii

  19. filthydubn9ne Says:

    man that shit is hella gay its all about ps3

  20. UnchartedNL Says:

    omygod i’m so happy i have a ps3 and selled my wii, cause this looks like shit

  21. falconmauro Says:

    LOL, look at all these monkeys bashing games for their graphics. They never mention gameplay because they don’t even have a clue what that is, lol keep playing your 360 and ps3 pl0x. BTW when I want to see good graphics I play games on my computer kthnx

  22. MrElamantal Says:

    im gonna buy this today! 🙂

  23. CTFwiiclan Says:

    I cant get black ops:( but I have Modern Warfare:)

  24. Darcee1two3 Says:

    Wow faggot this is combat training they are all 3arc

  25. grandyman111 Says:

    people you have to understand, certain systems preform better than others, for example,the pc version has the capabilities to go from wii graphics to ps3360 graphics, and everything inbetween, but unlike other systems, the wii lacks in graphic performance, the wii lacks various things such as specular mapping, which makes stuff shiny, depth of field, texture resolution,the list goes on, so if you your ganna shit talk, then why did you click this video?

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