Call of duty Black Ops Wii (5) – Online Zombies (Kino Der Toten) – Round 10

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26 Comments on “Call of duty Black Ops Wii (5) – Online Zombies (Kino Der Toten) – Round 10”

  1. foreverspagetti Says:

    holy shit dude round 10 FTW! your good

  2. 123jonkey Says:

    @foreverspagetti O_o not really, i made it to round 35 ON SOLO and round 26 with only me and guy with a mic, so i dont think its a good score for PROS for beginners that a good score

  3. foreverspagetti Says:

    @123jonkey i know i was joking

  4. prueganster Says:

    waow only 10 ive gottin 40 with 3 other frendies

  5. chrisjin11 Says:

    friend me? i’m good at zombies! just sayin you know…

  6. MrFreshkid20 Says:

    Ally Code:0895-7251-8772

  7. TheShawn9900 Says:

    You dumb as fuck i would never want to play wit u

  8. turtles535 Says:

    @alishashaan i did nothing happened

  9. nicster0014 Says:

    i recomend classic controller for this game

  10. XxcanibalBodomxX Says:

    las grapicas del wii apestan

  11. IIiBRiANII Says:

    @prueganster dude this vid was made when the game came out, of course you can do better than they did in the vid!

  12. NICKRPG38 Says:

    u r a ho get a ps3

  13. zroxss Says:

    these graphics are horribe

  14. TheElvis028 Says:

    @zroxss yet atleast the poor who can afford a ps3 can get a cheaper version…. the wii

  15. zroxss Says:

    @TheElvis028 just get a xbox 360 there cheep and the graphics are very good

  16. TheElvis028 Says:

    @zroxss dude the xbox360 requires the live thing that you have to pay weekly for online crap wii is free though you need a place to get the internet which you can find almost any where

  17. zroxss Says:

    @TheElvis028 wow 60 a year thats so much money

  18. hieu1337 Says:

    @TheElvis028 Your fucking retarded, it’s not weekly, it’s yearly, and it’s only 50 bucks, anybody who thinks that is a lot are either asian, or straight up cheap, and I am asian

  19. TheElvis028 Says:

    @hieu1337 damn sry i didnt no so much about the god damn xbox take a chill bro

  20. tom123maton Says:

    @THESOCKSRCOOL to see what is like

  21. homerunsteal Says:

    ally code please

  22. Diego5151999 Says:

    i got to round 15 in wii (not joking)

  23. Pkingability Says:

    Yo any1 wanna play highest round is 34 ON WII With 3 players need 3 players that have been level 25+

  24. Pkingability Says:

    @hieu1337 Really Youre comparing asians with Cheap? Have you seen japan and china one of the ritchest countrys in the world

  25. Pkingability Says:

    @zroxss Keep comments too yourself and to be honest i agree because i got ps3 and wii and black ops on both although the graphics arent tht good the wii has improved its cod gamplay compare black ops – wii with WAW – wii, see its improved alot and i beleive mw3 wii gameplay is gonna be the same as xbox and ps3!

  26. Etty Says:

    Great thinking! That rlealy breaks the mold!

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