Call of duty Black Ops Wii (3) – Online Team Deathmatch (WMD)

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25 Comments on “Call of duty Black Ops Wii (3) – Online Team Deathmatch (WMD)”

  1. laneyboggz01 Says:

    it looks like nintendo 64 graphics….golden eye baby

  2. Michaeliscool24 Says:

    Now that was depressing

  3. christhegreat38 Says:

    Everyone im not carring this fight on since
    1.Im losing.
    2.I have better things to do
    So find another person to crap with

  4. traphikk99 Says:

    Maybe u should try knifing bro… Good vid otherwise

  5. GraffitiKurce Says:

    @boredguk u owned christhegreat38’s ass HAHA!!!

  6. heyitsmejacob Says:

    You’re the definition of spray.

  7. pokemonmaster1021 Says:

    What’s ur aly code

  8. seanfang25cool Says:

    you were with dazran303 he made the vid the same day

  9. seanfang25cool Says:

    were you useing a wii zapper

  10. megajonnyblue Says:

    i think he was cuz he was pointing fast

  11. twintippy5 Says:

    dude i play wiiops to whats ur gamer tag

  12. MrMazzer33 Says:

    Hey peeps if u are good at call of duty black ops wii give me your friend code but you have to have a mic. sry 4 da peeps dat dont. O by the way this is about my clan that im in[EX]F U R ii O U Z. that is me name. the clan leader is [EX]SNIKWAD2 and [EX] I LIKE GUNS

  13. 280conker Says:

    @christhegreat38 dude STFU its not ur choice on what we play and thats ur opinion and i respect that but before you go trollin think b4 u say something asshole

  14. EACODMW Says:

    @christhegreat38 omg u fucking troll if u hate the wii then why u watching. see its people like u that just like 2 hate on everything and thinks his cool.ur a jackass

  15. theIMOMO Says:

    ey nice gameplay do you want to join my clan
    [TDE] just send my your frend code if you want
    plz we need more members
    ps iam not the leader but co-leader

  16. 098coolguy Says:

    you guyss are good

  17. spartacon5267 Says:

    The only reason I prefer this on Xbox is because the Wii controls on shooters confuse me.

  18. Alixos1 Says:

    I prefer BO on HD consoles because I can play split-screen 2 players or local with 4 players for me this is the only reason…..

  19. GotParody Says:

    Has anyone realized all the people commenting on this video who say that Wii has bad graphics use no grammar whatsoever? Geez. Anyways, I DO think the graphics on the Wii are bad, but the gameplay is AWESOME!

  20. fictionbased112 Says:

    nice vid man

  21. Mrpunisher6 Says:

    @GotParody well you do have to admit that the graphics are not that bad they are just a little bit less good but still good for the wii and yea people need better grammar

  22. 109SuperSonic Says:

    @christhegreat38 Really he’s the noob? You’re the one that can’t use grammar and spell noob, you fucking troll.

  23. 20trackSTARZ14 Says:

    Ok, everyone just says the wii sucks just to look cool. Yes the graphics are worse, don’t point out the obvious.

  24. ZWarrior89 Says:

    Hey, for Wii online, it doesn’t lag too much, does it?? Pleas, I need to know!!

  25. nate045 Says:

    Man the graphics are awefull.
    Reminds me of 007 goldeneye on n64.

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