Call of duty Black Ops Wii (2) – Online Zombies (Kino Der Toten) – Round 8

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Some zombie gameplay with Dazran303 this was recorded on the first day so we didn’t really have much time looking around the map.

We had a pretty good plan going but in round 8 when I probably shouldn’t have bought the revival drink.

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26 Comments on “Call of duty Black Ops Wii (2) – Online Zombies (Kino Der Toten) – Round 8”

  1. TheChezzzrQC Says:

    i know

  2. smashbros3311 Says:

    @megajonnyblue it suks on wii

  3. thefidlerontheroof Says:

    fun to watch

  4. Banster234 Says:

    who get cod black ops on the wii

  5. JCPicto Says:

    Forget the PC. This looks alot more difficult.

  6. mattiemaa Says:

    who needs a mod for red dot lazer sight on the wii eh eh eh 😉

  7. DeltaJer Says:

    who agrees that wii zombies is harder than xbox zombies? thumb up if you agree

  8. dragde123ify Says:

    i dont know why but everytime i use the xbox is on the dogs round and when i get the spas 12 or ths hs10 i change it and then i remember those weapons kill them more fast

  9. LMWYBC1996 Says:

    So I take it that the slightest flick makes you knife?

  10. gieldegoos Says:

    hoe verneuk je een spel…..

  11. ibeatles21 Says:

    can u knife?

  12. EminemOnStage1 Says:

    @smashbros3311 Then dont get it asshole

  13. shehab330 Says:

    guyz u can knife and do everything on wii i have the game i dont know why this guy does not aim cause i aim and i get alot of head shots and i think its not that hard on wii if u just get used to it wii is an amazing device though and i reached roung 16 solo on wii

  14. scopesmaster Says:

    If you push that 1911 button the video looks cool

  15. Jasper2428 Says:


  16. ali200800500 Says:

    why u didnt buy the box?

  17. TheJasonn444 Says:

    dude i can get to rounds 17 all by myself with a thundergun and hk21 both upgraded running around for my life in circles

  18. Dippindan0 Says:

    @TheJasonn444 solo is alot easier then online less zombies plus ur getting all the points instead od sharing them

  19. Dippindan0 Says:

    is it jsut me or does it seem everything is more well lit on this map for wii

  20. nerfguns70 Says:

    is there a evil zombie laugh on the wii

  21. xweetok59 Says:

    @nerfguns70 Yes lol.
    @Dippindan0 Kinda.
    @Jasper2428 That’s also the reason why nobody loves You.

  22. LeFT4DeAd2RoOkS Says:


  23. NickNDX Says:

    this would be acceptable if it was for gamecube

  24. DaSkewer Says:

    DUDE WAT IS UR ALLY CODE….THIS IS MINE – 0192-8071-1386

  25. beauakatsuki Says:

    wow wii sucks… ps3 or xbox ftw

  26. kino, dating Says:

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