Call of duty Black Ops Wii (1) – Online Team Deathmatch (Villa)

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I had only been on the game a few hours prior to this and hadn’t played on the map Villa before so didn’t have a clue where I was going ect. Final Score: 22-5 Friends featured: Please Comment, Rate, Subscribe

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25 Comments on “Call of duty Black Ops Wii (1) – Online Team Deathmatch (Villa)”

  1. awesomerthanuall Says:

    @uzay2000 i think we have the same classmate…

  2. FunnyD00d12 Says:

    Man you suck.. You barely go ADS, and you dont go into the action.. You just walk around and hope you find someone

  3. CxGabriel92 Says:

    nice graphics for wii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cupcakefate3 Says:

    add me

  5. ToxicFluid12 Says:

    @UltraAnihilation not to be annoying its true alot of dumb people do that but its true xbox and ps3 is better i came to see wat it was like on the wii

  6. xboxrat Says:

    this is not a game i personally would want to play on the wii

  7. bobcatfan358 Says:

    @ToxicFluid12 Same

  8. fucksace Says:

    6:20 lol!

  9. ebutuoy278 Says:

    wii remote or ccp?

  10. IsnipeJ Says:

    cant you aim down the sights on wii?

  11. xXeFilmsXx Says:

    i use classic controller. 😛

  12. adzx1 Says:

    wat consol is that and y is there a dot in tha middle

  13. knight30042 Says:

    u can tell that the best killstreak in wii is 5

  14. noahthecheeze Says:


  15. manfrommars478 Says:

    do you use the classic controller, or wiimote

  16. ThEMaNiAc818 Says:

    @UltraAnihilation foo wii isn’t that bad i have wii,xbox and ps3 but its pretty much the same some stuff in the wii is better then someother in the xbox or ps3…small ex:the wii remote is way easier to use thumbs up if you agree

  17. 97HAGAN97 Says:

    I love the intro music, Idk y

  18. jokamutta Says:

    whit what are u plaing that ?

  19. iDontClutchMuch Says:

    I love it how wii looks like shit

  20. 1997buddyboy Says:


  21. 1997buddyboy Says:


  22. Freewolf325 Says:

    hey anyone with a wii black ops game can u msg me so we can play online sometime ..and if u know wat kind of mic works on it can u tll me that be helpful 🙂

  23. explosive105 Says:

    wii sucks because easy to kill people and you just spray lol ps3 is better than this about 1000 if you were on xbox or ps3 you would have done pretty well nice gameplay tho lol

  24. Yankee4708 Says:

    yo dude u should add me im on from time 2 time and i love 2 have fun in that game my KDR is 1.98 my name is NKO~XzY4NK3EzX my fc is ——>1824-4483-8920 plz reply

  25. ZeRoFRlENDS Says:


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