Call Of Duty Black Ops – Nazi Zombies Mod and All Cheats

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A new mod on the pentagon zombies map that has Chrome, Disco Mode, Super Jump, HUD MOD, unlimited ammo\sprint, godmode, noclip, ufo mod and a lot more! Game Save mod in download too.

This mod is guaranteed safe, virus-free, and undetectable. No JTAG required.

If you want download this file here’s link: or:


1) Download the mod (from the link given above)
2) It is a .rar file so you have to unrar it using winrar
3) For PC users Drag and drop the mod onto your desktop copy of Black Ops For Console users: Upload the mod to your console via USB cord. 4) Have fun and thank me later! Game on!

1) Invincible mode
2) Super speed
3) Unlimited ammo
4) Unlimited sprint
5) Godmode
6) No gravity
7) Noclip
8) Super Jump
9) Disco
10) Modded HUD
11) Mystery Box weapon-selection customization
12) Miscellaneous camouflages
13) Death machine OWNAGE unlimited ammo

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