Call of Duty: Black Ops – Nazi Zombie INFINITE AMMO CHEAT! (PC only – No downloads required!)

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THIS HAS BEEN PATCHED! NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO FUNCTIONS ANYMORE! Here’s a short tutorial on how to activate the well-known “infinite ammo” cheat on Black Ops’ Nazi Zombie mode. Please keep in mind that, once again, this is PC only! Below is the bind you must add to your config.cfg file.

Please note that the key you bind this command to doesn’t HAVE to be the P key, but it must be a key that you don’t normally use. bind P “sf_use_ignoreammo 1” The config.cfg file can be found in the following directory for Windows XP users: C:/Program Files/steam/steamapps/common/call of duty black ops/players And in the following directory for 64-bit OS users: C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/call of duty black ops/players The other command you need to modify is seta monkeytoy “0” which needs to be replaced with seta monkeytoy “1” I don’t know exactly if monkeytoy is needed, but set it just in case.

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty: Black Ops – Nazi Zombie INFINITE AMMO CHEAT! (PC only – No downloads required!)”

  1. Wezbian Says:

    @tomppa278 are you looking for updated hacks too? I just tried and wondered why it wasn’t working!

  2. helljoseph Says:

    @Wezbian Yeah same! 🙁

  3. dangerkid1is1gay Says:

    @Nalestom u fuckin geek

  4. PeePulz Says:

    does anyone know if there r any ammo cheats that work still in co op online zombies after march 25th?

  5. 1800redcross Says:

    @PeePulz same question, ive been at this for half an hour and can’t seem to get it to work, anybody know if they patched it?

  6. 1800redcross Says:

    also, anybody know if it works on the map pack?

  7. killa94133 Says:

    dam treyarch fixed the cheat it doent work anymore

  8. Xstormraider Says:


  9. nikladking Says:

    @Nalestom i cracked it 😛

  10. MrBaRaKaN Says:

    treyach fixed it with the latest update :/

  11. RniceSpecV Says:

    Does not work anymore its been patched.

  12. soulofmort Says:

    this does not work any more i ahd it set to f5 and it would not turn on then i set it to t and it didnt work i set it to p and it didnt work

  13. soulofmort Says:

    @1800redcross treyarch patched it with last update

  14. anthemvoor1 Says:

    @nikladking just added your ammo cheat as above, after looking for a working one for ages.Hurah !!!! i thought ,then after the friday new down load ,it dont work 🙁 speed works but ammo not HELP !!!

  15. DarkRuinz99 Says:

    Hey man this was working just fine at first….. now it doesnt work at all 🙁 not even in solo … i can use my god mode and everything else… just not infinite ammo!!! and it sucks.
    i changed the property setting to read only and everything, im not sure what you mean by Annotations, but please help me out!

  16. DarkRuinz99 Says:

    jk i guess its been patched :/

  17. Nalestom Says:

    Guys, this has been patched. It no longer works. Thumb this up to ensure that other people see, although I guarantee I will still receive messages asking why it doesn’t work/how to properly do it.

  18. anthemvoor1 Says:

    @Xstormraider please let me know how ya fixed it mines still not working , but speed is fine ????

  19. Xstormraider Says:

    @anthemvoor1 no i meant that treyarch fixed it , if there is another cheat leaked tell me plz at zombies i go max round 7 at solo and especially if u have a laggy pc u cant move that much lol whenever i press go down or clear derbis it freezes then responds

  20. mrsdkckr1 Says:

    @Nalestom yea really…its funny of how when games are designed on a pc, they have to be “dumbed” down to work on a console.

  21. M4A108 Says:

    This is not working anymore with the latest patch so don’t bother to do it.

  22. AxisGernerd Says:

    @Nalestom Hey, hey, hey console isn’t that bad buddy 😉

  23. Toxity101 Says:

    I cant believe it cheap!!

  24. epicsanta1 Says:

    🙁 meh, i feel more pro without it… not really, this suks.

  25. drabzong Says:

    @CptHardicky Haha, some one got burned!!!

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