Call Of Duty Black Ops MULTIPLAYER HACK, cheat – Download

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Call of Duty: Black Ops DOWNLOAD LINK: PLEASE SEED AFTER DOWNLOADING!!! or if thats to slow download these 2 files : 1) 2) download this link to see how to open console: 1. Install Skidrows Call of Duty Black Ops version 2. Apply Skidrows Update 1 3. Copy all the files in the 7zip file to your call of duty black ops folder (***ActivisionCall of Duty – Black Ops).

4. Start BlackOpsMP.exe and wait till it loads (it might look like it’s frozen but you have to wait a minute then it will give you message about how it can’t connect to server, this is normal). 5. Open console with ~ and type “g_gametype gametype” (ie g_gametype shrp). 6. After inputting gametype open console with ~ and type “/map mapname” (ie /map mp_nuked). THIS IS NOT FOR ONLINE MULTIPLAYER THIS IS ONLY TO PLAY WITH BOTS OFFLINE! FOR ONLINE MULTIPLAYER WAIT FOR ALTEROPS TO FINISH DEVELOPING IT!!! enjoy!!!! you have a question? write private message!! 🙂

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