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Call of Duty Black Ops Info + Wii Info 2: A message of Josh Olin (Treyarch developer) to wii fans: Hey guys, Look, for what it’s worth, you’ve patiently waited way too long for this kind of news. I appreciate you sticking with it though, and hope this information made it worth the wait: – 4-player, Online Zombies Co-Op – 5v5 Multiplayer – Headset support for MP and Zombies – Classic Controller Pro support – And more…

(read the full interview here) We wanted to bring this news directly to our most hardcore Wii fans first, so we provided that exclusive interview with Anna Donlon, the Senior Producer on the Wii team, to COD HQ. Your commitment and fandom is unmatched. And now that you know some of the juicy details about the game, Who else is as stoked as I am for Black Ops ZOMBIES!!!!?? Regards, -JD Also there are no friend codes. Wii comunication has been confirmed: Zombies voice link: Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer Tease: READ DESCRIPTION I’m sorry if there any errors in the video, my computer is kind of overcharging and some errors are going on rendering on sony vegas pro 9, I’ll try to fix it. Thanks to Kweagle of the Call of Duty Black Ops forums for the Qs and As. I’ll post any new info on Description here: – No pay fees for online play on CoD BO, except for xbox live. Rate, Comment and Subscribe! 😀 STOP READING Instinct impulse trailer Call of Duty 5 – World at War Demo BETA Online Gameplay

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Info + Wii Info”

  1. MrAsamane Says:

    man this game is super cool if ya dont have it i feel bad man

  2. Aleeex8790 Says:

    will the new mappacks come on wii to?

  3. holycrapitstowlie Says:

    It’s on DS too, sadly…

  4. fredierock101 Says:

    can you talk on wii in black ops?????

  5. warsfarm21 Says:

    when i will play online my profile will not conect to black ops. why?

  6. ivankolev66 Says:

    Brilliant movie and act,recomended movie. Watch it for fr33 at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  7. Ralf3410 Says:

    @fredierock101 yep

  8. shadoz99 Says:

    are you able to play against friends on wii? please reply

  9. mrzekefly Says:

    good song nice

  10. glenniesamoyoa26 Says:

    Great distraction and great vide0!! thank u webmovietube

  11. RayjejeXD Says:

    wich band did that song???

  12. nexuszx911 Says:

    @fredierock101 Yep. they developed a headset called the pdp’s headbangers headset. not lying, trolling or plagerizing its completly real and about 20 bucks. good deal.

  13. nexuszx911 Says:

    @jetboy1995 not nazi zombies but regular zombies.

  14. Y0urFate Says:

    hey guys, looking for a black ops wii clan then go to

  15. stupidgirl01234 Says:

    I want to see how you play with the wii remote and see if it’s easy to use.Please post a video showing you playing it with one of the remotes.

  16. Ingmar122 Says:

    its also to ds 😀

  17. mynameisarchi Says:

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  18. rathalosrevenge70 Says:

    what the fuck, flashlight isnt an attachment

  19. mpablo39 Says:

    how do you play multiplayer offline like with a frend?

  20. thatsWhAtSHeSaidERIC Says:

    @rathalosrevenge70 it can be…………….if you believe

  21. Imab44 Says:

    How Do i do DeathMAtch On Wii????

  22. TheSMiLeYTeRRoR Says:

    you take my song gameplay video^^

  23. MrThedude456 Says:

    @mpablo39 You don’t.

  24. JacintoKarlga Says:


  25. FiveXStarXD Says:


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