Call of Duty: Black Ops Gameplay – Wii 34 Kill Team Deathmatch

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Yes, this is the wii, and yes, you point where you shoot. I’ve been wii cod gaming since World at war, and it has come a long way. World at war only had a total of 8 maps and 3 gametypes and also didn’t include many important aspects of the game such as equipment. Black ops now has ALL gametypes and maps. They have taken out the Chopper gunner, gunship and valkory rockets due to the low rendering power of the wii.

What i’m trying to say is that Treyarch has definitely put in a lot of time exclusively for wii and it has blown me away. This game is awesome! Class: MP5K (No Attachment) Secondary Gun: ASP (No Attachment) Perk1: Light Weight Perk2: Steady Aim Perk3: Marathon

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty: Black Ops Gameplay – Wii 34 Kill Team Deathmatch”

  1. 916chukychiss Says:

    If u guys hate the wii why are u guys wachin dis,its not to hard to read Wii on the title…….

  2. icigokamasaki Says:


  3. lexaniji Says:

    No offense to you, but the aiming of the weapon looks like fucking s**t

  4. AltShiftSmoke Says:

    @iC0NB0Y Sick a duke? Spell check dude, make friends with it.

  5. gieldegoos Says:

    @Hataprozz21 hahahah shut the fuck up you idiot, you now that an xbox or ps3 is 30 times better than a fucking gay wii

  6. pepekart97 Says:

    Is the wrost black ops for Wii but nice video

  7. blackguy1945 Says:

    what is you ally code

  8. jpwashere1 Says:

    @JKeechler4 if your seven

  9. mrman9991 Says:

    actually, ds has the worst graphics.

  10. TheDevilR1 Says:

    haha my phone has better graphics =P nice gameplay though ^^

  11. lllambert99 Says:

    I am getting the wii and peas wondering how you get the wifi to work on the wii great video mate AWESOME

  12. F4L52 Says:

    black ops is better off on the PS3 and XBOX 360

  13. awesomedude133 Says:

    @TheGeekproduction its the same thing thing just different graphics and controls not must difference

  14. hamzahnaveed91 Says:

    i like it on wii cause its motion but ps3 has better graphics. i cant decide witch one is better

  15. Insane0industry Says:

    @iC0NB0Y ahahaha LOL come one dude.. wtf has monet to do with anything..
    just another cocky dickhead with more money then some people… even if u had 2 million youre just a human like any other human on the planet dumb fuck.. money isnt making you a better person
    money makes you a cocky motherfucker who is hating on anyone with less then him…
    So if you have this much money as you say.. FLY TO FUCKING AFRICA AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

  16. themanishere6262 Says:

    wat is ur ally code plz answer

  17. EwAnANDToM Says:

    @BTBSpector I mean like when u said u got a couple of kills with mortars but it was ur att heli so it looked like mortars got the kills

  18. pooponmypans Says:

    @TheGeekproduction Who can’t afford a ps3 or 360? get real bitch it not africa

  19. MrDrPepper111 Says:

    Yay, Wii rulz! 😀

  20. MrDrPepper111 Says:

    Yay, Wii rulz! 😀

  21. SMHonRS Says:

    So is it harder or easier than Xbox/PS3?

  22. rex3934 Says:


  23. rex3934 Says:

    @hamzahnaveed91 i think wii is better cuz of its motion cuz for me da playstation might be hard cuz of the buttons and the letters so id go for da wii

  24. DerekOriginals Says:

    hey stupid assholes do you know that everytime a dumbass 360/ps3 fanboy says a stupid ass comment on a wii video the wii sales go up. yeah so go fuck yourselves fagets

  25. jake300921 Says:

    battlefield. WHAT?!

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