Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats Unlock Everything in Split Screen for X-box and ps3

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use the computer and type in a secret code (found in the video) to unlock every single thing you could ever want in (SPLIT SCREEN) And please SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALSO COMMENT AND LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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26 Comments on “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats Unlock Everything in Split Screen for X-box and ps3”

  1. TheMonarch64 Says:

    wow you must be a moron

  2. jordan19920 Says:

    @henrikvu lol

  3. WonderWoman977 Says:

    get to prestige 15, check it out! callofduty-online-cheats( DOT )tk

  4. MrIsaiah98 Says:

    1) Hold your breath.

    2) Copy all of these steps.

    3) Go to two other video.

    4) Paste it in the comments.

    If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good pot smoker

  5. 5579snake Says:

    u stupid fucknut the guns r already unlocked u stupid nigger

  6. mrpigpapa Says:

    you already get everything in splitscreen

  7. shion16 Says:

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  8. valcor347 Says:

    holy shit this kids a retard he has to be joking

  9. atariman72 Says:

    @fieri4ever haha and thats just the title screen!

  10. baseballdude0911 Says:

    is the glitch to turn everything orange

  11. thezonkabeatch1 Says:

    fuckkkkkkk u

  12. xPwNeGe Says:

    ur a retard everything is unlocked in split screen puttin the code in just disables some trophies!!!!!

  13. SkaterNicko123 Says:

    this fuuckz ur achievements

  14. SkaterNicko123 Says:

    stupid american

  15. 300PIVOTMASTER Says:

    u stupid high pitched voice faggot bitch geta life

  16. thespudzy09 Says:

    ur a knob get ur facts right probably a little try hard nube tuber

  17. Toxicman12220 Says:

    In split screen everything is unlocked noob

  18. javabudbud1 Says:

    ur a dumb ass all the things are all ready unlocked

  19. TGairsoftassualt Says:

    Skaternicko123 your prabaly a soviet so why u callin Americans stupid. Your prabaly gay because that’s the way u are

  20. blackopsmaniacs123 Says:

    u can already get all the guns and weapons on local (•_•)daaaaaaaa

  21. blackopsmaniacs123 Says:

    U moron and retard this cheat frigged up my ps3 for 1 week I am so pissed off!!! Eat my (_)(_)

  22. ImSuperCereal181 Says:

    @blackopsmaniacs123 don’t blame him, your the one who did the cheat, so technically your a moron and a retard

  23. bluemunkey1 Says:

    all the wepons on spiit screen are already unlocked

  24. vagelistemp Says:

    FAKE! This cheat (3arc intel ) unlocks all intels in campaign. All weapons perks everything in split screen are unlocked. FAKE!

  25. kokomatoto Says:

    Thanks !!!

  26. Hellen Says:

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