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like my channel on facebook to get access to new videos and other things! Find more chetas go to this link! 96vika | This video will show you how to enable codes in the game. Watch carefully to understand corectly Codes that you can input in the data! DOA – Mini game WHO – Login names. Help – List over all commands Zork – ??? 3ARC UNLOCK – All Zombie Levels DIR – Sound files

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black ops cheats

25 Comments on “Call of Duty Black OPS [CHEATS, SECRETS AND MINI GAME!]”

  1. killerdude1279 Says:

    how do u make it lowercase!

  2. unlimitedcheats Says:

  3. unlimitedcheats Says:

  4. magelonas123 Says:

    what the hell

  5. djroan11 Says:


  6. adamentine56 Says:

    gay video so many people show that shit show something different

  7. Wacked420 Says:

    AW LUCKY he has it on a computer! I’d OWN wit a mouse!

  8. MrMaadskillz Says:

    i hate zork

    PS. tack for tipsen zombie spelet är skit kul

  9. anthony123tony Says:

    is this on ps3 or xbox 360 or wii or computer hmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

  10. joao2012ish Says:

    If you want a working prestige hack, I found one:

  11. iphonebeegapps Says:

    Latest Black Ops Cheats!

    Grab yours here: downloadblackops . tk

  12. oXflightpredatorXo Says:

    är det DU som e den legendara 96vika?!

  13. chrisfarrelltoday Says:

    yes its works!

  14. themagictricksmaster Says:

    does 3arc unlock get you ascension

  15. rohan4673 Says:

    For Call Of Duty Black Ops Cheats and Tricks
    go to this video:

  16. pichkhun510 Says:

    Uh…Do you have to beat Campaign mode first?

  17. Atomfusk Says:


    mm, vem e du?

  18. oXflightpredatorXo Says:

    @Atomfusk någon random snubbe bara som använder XD

  19. weby78 Says:

    type in zork and its a secreter mini game thumbs up so every one can see

  20. glennmsful Says:

    Go to watch?v=Y5Vsrohep00 For Black Ops Cheats

  21. mataronasd Says:

    watch?v=lpyi6U0LyQY free black ops

  22. Ibachi100 Says:

    what is it then??TELL US!!!!

  23. myc4s Says:

    Dont bother with the mini game you can just go onto zombies and then something else but thats not much of a cheat :/ <3 ;P

  24. deecamacho10 Says:

    Get the New Black ops First Strike Map Pack Here – blackopsfirststrikedownload(dot)blogspot(dot)com its after the patch so get it quick and its undetectable!! its for xbox 360 pc and ps3!

  25. adkaws Says:

    I got a working prestige hack from the youtube user 4FunHacks. He has a video with it, do a search for his name.

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