Call of Duty Black Ops: Cheats, Hacks, and Glitches (Part 1)

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28 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops: Cheats, Hacks, and Glitches (Part 1)”

  1. PALIGAMER561 Says:

    -Cod4-Cod7 hacks
    -Ps3: paligamer561
    -Xbox: Dookieoutmybuns
    -Mods: 10th,,all titles&emblems&camo
    -My Jtag Is Falcon And My Msnu Is FAL 1.0.1
    -My ps3 Is jailbroken with psgrove, and geohots 3.5.5
    -Cost:Microsoft points, Psn Card, Gamestop giftcard, iTunes card, or others
    -Need Proof? Watch my videos.
    -There recorded live. (Proof i didnt steal them)
    -Send me a MESSAGE
    -I’m in the USA.
    -I have proof!, What else can you ask for?

  2. kissgirlolot Says:

    This is all bullshit this doesn’t work when it says cheat enabled go out of the computer click sit down then go to the computer and it will say it against THE LAW

  3. DYLBAS65765 Says:

    @einstein780 i know right did you have all guns including gold camo and all perks?

  4. einstein780 Says:

    @DYLBAS65765 yes i did ! when i went to combat training for the first time i had all the pro perks and camo etc.. why ? i think it shouldnt be like that

  5. 4Have1 Says:


    Try this Prestige hack.

  6. KinktGaming Says:

    Check out our channel for the newly released toxicz hackpack!

  7. TheFryPo Says:

    @einstein780 they unlocked it after 5 month

  8. mannyman5554 Says:

    where are the cheats?

  9. Corleyftw Says:

    no hacks or glitches noob.

  10. adkaws Says:

    I got a working prestige hack from the youtube user 4FunHacks. He has a video with it, do a search for his name.

  11. deejdub4 Says:

    15-2 one in the chamber —- >watch?v=jzct5laxVHY

  12. Davo123456789100 Says:

    @mikeguitar41 Because he got dogs off a care package ….

  13. mikeguitar41 Says:

    @Davo123456789100 Yes i realised that earlier, sorry fir the dumb comment X/

  14. TheTouchHelper123 Says:

    do u have live?

  15. PeterHatYai2008 Says:

    Hey, I found a working Black Ops Prestige hack. You can get to the 15th Prestige in one day with it!
    Do a search for the user 4FunHacks on Youtube, he has a video with it.
    It’s undetectable and fast!

  16. callofdutybutt Says:

    if u type in go on mailbox in zork it says u bang ur head on the mailbox

  17. supersahuaro Says:

    3rac does not work

  18. JystinX Says:

    @supersuaharo its not 3rac its 3arc

  19. cocodude428 Says:

    dude i think the glitch was supose to be the monkey but in my mind in not to me because he always come

  20. slkocak75 Says:

    this guys suck so much dick and they dont no anything about hacks they just copy them fags fags fags

  21. Tyguy0406 Says:

    fucken fags

  22. Termanator18 Says:

    only round 5…..FAIL

  23. Legendpwnz Says:

    dont read this because it actually will get kissed onthe nearest friday by the love of your life .tomorrow will be the best day of your life.however if you dont post this comment to at least three videos you will die with in the youve started reading this so dont stop.this is so scary put this at least three videos in 143 minutes when your done press F6and your lovers names will appear on the

    screen in big letters.this is so scarycause it actually work

  24. RealModifications Says:

    please check out my channel for real 15th prestige lobbys no joke no scams!! %100 ligit i swear!

  25. iKiiDKiiD Says:

    PS3 k-I-I-D-K-i-i-D

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