Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cheats and Glitches + 15th Prestige Lobby!

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*Currently “not” Patched AND STILL WORKS* USE THIS BEFORE IT GET’S PATCHED IF YOU WANT IT TO WORK! NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED! EPIC Glitches and Tricks, including 15th Prestige, takes around 10 mins if done right, but may take upto 15 minutes.

No downloads, Lobbys required for the 15th Prestige :] Also Unlimited Ammo glitch (ONLY ON ONLINE MULTIPLAYER)! Never die glitch, took me a while to figure out, got there eventually (unfortunatly this only works on Team Deathmatch). + Many more Glitches and Cheats! =)

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25 Comments on “Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cheats and Glitches + 15th Prestige Lobby!”

  1. AMonkey551 Says:

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  6. TheMinecraftTips Says:

    hey all im doing the golden guns hack for 1600 microsoft points (it gets 3 people done) My GT is Tuliptoes III. Thanks.

  7. brandynlaing Says:

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  8. chocolatedestroyer01 Says:

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  9. scawade3 Says:

    OMG This guy just got me to 15th prestige and all the challenges and golden camo! His GT is IDaZzeD and he only charges 1600 MicroSoft Points!! If you want it done legit with no worries of being scammed hes the real deal!

  10. bomber726 Says:

    @KidGokuDB like u

  11. bomber726 Says:

    rs is good but i really thought this was a cod vid…..

  12. KidGokuDB Says:

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  13. bomber726 Says:

    @bomber726 my mom does what? lol

  14. beaglemonster Says:

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  18. unholeyasis Says:

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    Hosting a 10th prestige lobby for MW2, and 15th lobbies for Black Ops. 1600msp, 10$ Amazon, or 10$ Paypal for you and 3 friends (4 people total). This is Legit! MESSAGE (AllainDaAndroid) or this youtube for more info NOW!!!

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  24. maplestoryisthebest Says:

    hosting 15th prestige lobby
    1600=4 people
    800=2 people
    1month= 1 person
    my profiles have been banned off of xbox live and this is the last day i will be doing 15th prestige lobbys my profile name is abbcjc i will appear offline send a msg saying cheese lobby if interested
    *only excepting first 18

  25. lorenzo3961 Says:

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