Call of Duty Black Ops Cheat (PS3 Version) Review

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I was really surprize when I saw one of the youtube video that show some few cheat code: Here what you need to do, first when in the main menu, press both L2 and R2 bottom to get out the chair.

Next go around and head toward the computer and you can input these code: DOA – Dead Ops Arcade Who – Login Names Help – List over all commands Zork – ??? 3ARC UNLOCK – All Aombie Levels DIR – Sound files so injoy the review of the offline and online Dead Ops Arcade and btw check out the video of Atomfusk who can tell you to do cheat in the PC and the Xbox360 virsion:

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2 Comments on “Call of Duty Black Ops Cheat (PS3 Version) Review”

  1. Wilko135791 Says:

    How do you get out the chair?

  2. Superturbo93blanka Says:

    @Wilko135791 repeately tab both L2 and the R2 Buttions at the same time.

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