Call of Duty- Black Ops 15th prestige Lobby

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Demo Video of Black Ops 15th Prestige Lobby

Working as off 12/15/2010

1. Open modio drag your profile into modio
2. Goto file contents find the 41560855.gpd replace it with the one you downloaded.
3. Rehash and resign.
4. Replace your profile with the one you just modded.
5. Load up XBL Cod BO private match TDM.
6. Begin game press down on the dpad on spawn and have fun.

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29 Comments on “Call of Duty- Black Ops 15th prestige Lobby”

  1. prodsezai Says:

    gt: sezai best inv me plz

  2. LukeTTGLuke Says:

    zx hotshots xz

  3. mosesssandor Says:

    strenous eagle

  4. megaArthur102 Says:

    DjTormoz invite plz

  5. bobthebuilder949 Says:

    mucha2011 i subscribed and liked

  6. killermaster492 Says:


  7. Kapri Says:

    Great tihknnig! That really breaks the mold!

  8. abskingafk Says:

    How to make a hack lobby?

  9. Snipedya27 Says:

    Snipedya27 your awesome

  10. crazydigger13 Says:


  11. cameronguy003 Says:

    Yo dude i subscribed, rated, etc and not sure if you invited me…

    GT: MurderousFox 80

    (space in between)

  12. DropshotzHD1 Says:


  13. XxJaSiNaToRxX Says:

    Jasinator 23

  14. ThatGuyEric44 Says:

    Joe CooL xx

  15. TheBluntMan22 Says:

    Xx ToKeN Up xX

  16. TheBportKid Says:

    Minor 69r

  17. MultiZulu13 Says:

    gt: TBGxBLOOD i send u a text when im ready

  18. MrPotato923 Says:


  19. Funnyvideoguy100 Says:


  20. 189knightstrike Says:

    I subscribed and didnt get invited invite me ted12992

  21. devilspawn2479 Says:

    gamertag – INFIINIITYWARD

  22. 007HansPeter Says:


  23. Papaflesasss Says:

    Xbox 360 gamertag : TALLGUY00

  24. zby8ammaynlam Says:

    doing 15th lobby everyday ps3 and xbox watch?v=dwHU-OvvfkI

  25. Phenomenon911 Says:

    15 lobby black ops xbox 360 free

  26. Phenomenon911 Says:

    plz invite me GT is xxSpades30xx

  27. x360x SpRaYzZ Says:

    plz invite my GT is x360x SpRaYzZ

  28. hello Says:

    hello, add me on xbox live, gt is BOOM 9 HEADSHOT. please mate. i sub and like

  29. bidninja Says:

    Now and then I’ll stumble across a article like this and I’ll recall that there extremely are still interesting pages over a web. ^_^. Thanks.

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