Blacks Ops Cheats : External (Multiplayer) Undetected Hack

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It is undetected, however use it at your own risk.



Black Ops Cheats Features:

  • Radar ESP: both rotating radar and global fixed radar (toggle with NUMPAD +)
  • Box ESP + Name tag + Weapon name + Helis + Sentries
  • Explosive ESP – including all grenades and RC-XD
  • Rage feature to mark a player you want to molest repeatedly
  • Crosshair
  • Aimbot + Tubebot: use either right mouse button or HOME key.
  • Includes a pattern scanner, automatic offset updates when game updates

Black Ops Hack’s hotkeys:


  • Toggle this on or off for a more precise aim.
  • F4: Explosive ESP
  • F5: Aimbot
  • Use this to get a lock on the enemy when they are near your crosshairs. (press right mouse button or HOME key)
  • F6: Show weapon names
  • F7: Tomahawk bot
  • F8: Autostab – make sure the melee key is ‘V’ in your game
  • F9: Triggerbot – bind the fire action to ‘H’ key in you game
  • F10: Radar
  • F3: Crosshair
  • F11: Box Esp
  • F12: Snapline


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