Black Ops Zombie – Easy GPD Mod Xbox 360 + Download

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14 Comments on “Black Ops Zombie – Easy GPD Mod Xbox 360 + Download”

  1. Loafus802 Says:

    Does this work online too?

  2. GameCheatTutorial101 Says:


    It worked but it’s patched right now

  3. Golfnoob69 Says:

    how do you inject it lol

  4. HDExTacy Says:

    you need to make a tut for it like how to install and what not im slow so yeah i need that tut

  5. Mr1LuckyBastard Says:

    does this work anymore..?

  6. Mr1LuckyBastard Says:

    and are those bright colors permanent? can i take them off?

  7. GameCheatTutorial101 Says:

    Yes it works. It can’t be patched becouse it’s offline 😉
    You can take this bright colors off just need to press a button

  8. VortexPenguin Says:

    You really love the r_color map toggle command don’t you 😛

  9. SuperStarwarsfan101 Says:

    is GPD a cord I need to get the mod in my xbox 360?

  10. mustafaal33 Says:

    dose it work right know if it’s patched please tall me

  11. GameCheatTutorial101 Says:

    it works offline , you cant play online after TU3 update 😉


  12. mustafaal33 Says:

    how to start the mod

  13. doodifiedJonny Says:

    How do u do it

  14. Lakehead87 Says:

    what song was that?

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