Black Ops Wii Sniping – Dragunov – 26-1

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Hope you enjoyed. Been planing the dual com for so long now (since mwr) This vid was made about a month ago and just posted now. For Sock’s channel, click here

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25 Comments on “Black Ops Wii Sniping – Dragunov – 26-1”

  1. neogilgamesh9999 Says:

    Dragonov is an okay gun but the WA2000 is basically an upgraded dragonov since it has alot less recoil to it and has the same (maybe a bit more) power as the dragonov and its still semi-automatic like the dragonov. I prefer to use WA2000, thats just my opinion, I’m not hating on the dragonov.

  2. carbullet1 Says:

    add me i have a mic and i can hack u if u want me to 2395 5284 4932

  3. MrPieface009 Says:

    @bludymuffin your gay

  4. MrPieface009 Says:

    @BannanaBlue they dont the only thing that sucs is DS ….can you make it better? i dont think so

  5. footballstar988 Says:

    iC0NB0Y wat is ur perks

  6. bludymuffin Says:

    @MrPieface009 dude wii is ok but mostly gay. only fun thing is wii sports tennis

  7. MrPieface009 Says:

    @bludymuffin no its not how is it gay? dont say graphics cause do graphics matter? the game matters! its people like you who make me sick go get a life

  8. matisse1998 Says:

    Between PS360 and wii
    The graphics are made the same
    PS360 has HD tho that why graphic are better if
    PS360 had no HD it would look the same as wii

  9. MadnessOfMarmots Says:

    @matisse1998 No, it wouldn’t. HD is not the real difference. You can get HD cables for Wii and they WILL NOT look like PS3 or Xbox 360. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have a lot better graphics engines, and they can handle a lot better graphics than the Wii can. HD is not the difference, it’s the whole system. That is an extremely ignorant thing to say. Oh, and make sure you know the definition of the word “ignorant” before you get mad at me, so many people don’t know what that word really means 😛

  10. MadnessOfMarmots Says:

    God I hate scoping in this game… it’s so hard to move with scope with the Wii remote because of the sensitivity. It’s so retarded.

  11. MadKillerYan Says:

    @sumoboione Yeah, i play the wii, because it’s the only console that stand out of the other. PC>360 and PS3. and Wii is a completly different system. (It’s awesome also)

  12. xzkamityx Says:

    4:40 was a fail. but nice vid it makes me think.

  13. gimbrick Says:

    @bludymuffin ur a dick

  14. rungaberun717 Says:

    wow this is short range spray scoping not quickscoping. quickscoping is when u zoom in go to the boday and fire and zoom out all in a constant motion he needs the CCP ive gotten 750 kills with the L96A1 using it

  15. cosadever Says:

    icon how old are you?

  16. GowEnterprise Says:

    I never realized how bad the Wii graphics were

  17. jdoggwiiboy Says:

    the only reason i use acog is because it is impossible to quickscope with regular or variable scopes with the wii remote if u use the acog on L96A1 with the wii remote it is unstoppable TNT) Do WoRk

  18. TKsniper132 Says:

    great dual com keep up the good work can u please subscribe and fav and give my videos i got thumbs up

  19. Nitroman41 Says:

    Nice gameplay
    Give me a shoutout in one of your videos

  20. TheJake0fTrades Says:

    Wow, these graphics are terribad. You’re a really good shot though.

  21. angryJEWwaiter Says:

    dragunouv is my faaaaaavorite scoped weapon

  22. sunedaze11 Says:

    I prefer L96A1 and WA2000.

  23. breonhammond Says:

    @TheJake0fTrades i was thinking the same thing…..on the wii the maps are missing sooooo much its ridiculous….compared to the PS3 and 360…..


    finally someone that uses wii remote and nunchuck instead of ccp

  25. SocksJ4 Says:

    @matisse1998 not true, thats quality. it has nothing to do with graphics which is way better on the 360 than wii

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