Black Ops Wii Patch #3 Information!

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Well, the wii is broke and nintendo says they cant fix it for free. So, for now, i have a bunch of gameplay that i’ll post and after that, ps2. But i mght fix my wii myself. _______________________________ Watch Apple’s review on the Patch: Watch Eminem’s review on the Patch:

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25 Comments on “Black Ops Wii Patch #3 Information!”

  1. CoDLover352 Says:

    thank god the leaderboard glitch was fixed it always freezes up on me when im with allies

  2. animeninja2 Says:

    it really sucks my wii broke from this game too

  3. derekthepwnagecamper Says:

    0:59 thetrueeminem!

  4. pwrstryka Says:

    i want a zombie map five patch! where they give it to you for free!

  5. travisg0323 Says:

    I already downloaded the patches but my wii still freezes when I go to leaderboards. It happened today and u hav to unplug the whole wii instead of just turning it off and it sucks.but my friend had to send his wii in too

  6. pkk924 Says:

    How do u download it?

  7. lilaznlee Says:

    can u guys check out my channel and give my video a like so if i get enough likes im going to start doing commentarys on a different channel thx 🙂

  8. Kefkasious Says:

    Thank you for providing Wii vids which are in the minority.

  9. MrScotts665 Says:

    if they do a wii 2 you have to buy it right? not they just do an upgrade for the wii and it comes high definition??

  10. MrNieli13 Says:

    @iC0NB0Y What happens with that carepackages then?

  11. toshironikko Says:

    so is it just a matter of time before the wii breaks? i havent had a problem with it but dont want to start having problems if you know what i mean =/

  12. spiffyJ498 Says:

    wow i’ve only played this game on the 360 and i was always curious what the gameplay on the Wii looked like and i don’t know how you play this, it would drive me nuts the way the gun cn be moved around without moving the screen

  13. twellz07 Says:

    send me some ally codes

  14. MrStoryoftheyear Says:

    Yeah mine broke so I got a ps3

  15. darksayain1 Says:

    @spiffyJ498 You can also use classic controller pro which is a PS3 looking like controller, so yea…

  16. coolguyzize Says:

    Is the wii going to get a map pack??

  17. thekooldude26 Says:

    when i play the wii i have a 65 inch and it is hd

  18. leeandoly Says:

    omg the same probly happend to me with my wii and i try my other games and it still doesnt work

  19. XwhitexhorizonX Says:

    they nerfed the snipers in black ops so much

  20. arcwfd4 Says:

    whats your reflex FC?

  21. theunknownuser1002 Says:

    hey conboy I have a question. Im gunna get call of duty black ops for the wii and I wanted to know, witch controller is better the zapper of the classic controller pro? Im thinking of getting the clasis controller pro but I want to know. If you could tell me that would be great! 🙂

  22. ThaPsychoSocialGuy Says:

    the computer version of BO has bad grafics

  23. nestim0330 Says:

    notice thetrue eminem right there

  24. VintageGiJoe Says:

    The “Invincible Last Stand” glitch happend to me! I saw this guy in last stand, and I must of dropped 4 clips into the guy’s head! Thank God they fixed it 😀

  25. W0WlS Says:

    @iC0NB0Y hey this happened to my wii but they told me that they wouldn’t fix it cause i didn’t have warranty anymore because my wii is 3 years old

    so i was wondering if you had warranty or if i should call again

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