Black Ops: Menu Easter Eggs/ Simple Achievements/ Cheat Codes/ Hidden Arcade Game "DOA"

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Here is a video showing you some of the easter eggs found in the game so far. Their are also some codes not shown in the video but they are below. “Dead Ops Arcade” – Third Map. When your in the chair in the main menu stand up. You stand up by looking away from the TV and looking downward at your wrists. Next, pull back both left and right triggers until you stand up (Keep pushing and pulling the triggers). Walk towards the back of the room until you find a computer. It will pull up a command prompt and ask for a password which is “RUSALKA” then press enter. Next type in “CD” and press Enter.

Finally type in “DOA” and press Enter. It will pull up an arcade looking game named “Dead Ops Arcade.” Go in and Play and there you unlocked it. Enter “3ARC UNLOCK” as a code to unlock the “Five” Zombies mode map, Dead Ops Arcade game, Zork (The Great Underground Empire) text-based adventure game, and all missions. Enter “3ARC INTEL” as a code to unlock all Intel. Note: Enabling this code will prevent you from getting the “Closer Analysis” achievement. Click here to subscribe to PGNLive: Click here to subscribe to ProSnipingTV: Follow us on Twitter:

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26 Comments on “Black Ops: Menu Easter Eggs/ Simple Achievements/ Cheat Codes/ Hidden Arcade Game "DOA"”

  1. joao2012ish Says:

    I found a working prestige hack:

  2. alexomnislash Says:

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  6. YoungBrotherz Says:

    Alright this game is so fucking boring its not even funny there people are 15th prestige legit already in like 1 month yo i cant stand this game any more he only thing i like in this game is he perks and the custimization stuff every thing else sucks like guns, maps, campaign, CoD sUcks! And if you say it doesnt your wrong 1 single cod cant even last ONE FUCKIN YEAR they have to make a new game every year, some games last 10 years but cod cant, unless the polish this game so much that its better

  7. kieranpaul1 Says:

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  9. gerudomein Says:

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  10. rishi361 Says:

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  11. krisjones0926 Says:

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  13. ThePixelArmyElites Says:

    how did u film this?

  14. jackdapogo Says:

    so, what exactly is the mystery game when I put in zork?

  15. bbaty123 Says:

    @xHalFBreedz sry but i cant thumbs up 2 that comment 🙁

  16. teamblackout4200 Says:

    imma thumbs up to every one in here wit no life hahaha jkjk but round three is hard

  17. zarbeta Says:

    WTF I put Rusalka Rusalka CD and DOA and NOTHING happend i even put in it in like 1 at a time and nothin w/e/e/e!!??

  18. zarbeta Says:

    @zarbeta NVM i got it i had to sit back down in the chair for relogin on computer 😛

  19. robinontheradio Says:

    does this work for ps3 ????

  20. nickgoesclick Says:

    Retard type in DOa it does the same thing!

  21. ToXiiCPH33R Says:

    U SUK @ DOA

  22. 5400robbie Says:

    how did you get the gamer pik i cant get it

  23. TheMralexander02 Says:

    This work. Stop complaining and watch the video carefully.

  24. TheCodBlackopslover Says:

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  25. banjoman90 Says:

    lol, u suck ass at DOA

  26. Elvin Milliner Says:

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