Black Ops | Easter Egg – Computer Hack – Zombie map – Cheat Codes + (Commentary)

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3ARC UNLOCK” to unlock zombie map “Five” Enter “3ARC INTEL” then “YES”as a code to unlock all (PREVENTS ACHIEVEMENT!) Enter “DOA” to unlock the “DEAD OPS ARCADE” Enter “ZORK” as a code to unlock the Zork Enter “HELP” as a code to display a list of system commands in the terminal and Pentagon user e-mail access Enter “CAT [filename]” as a code to open the corresponding file Enter “WHO” as a code to display a list of login names for use with the “RLOGIN” command (requires passwords)

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25 Comments on “Black Ops | Easter Egg – Computer Hack – Zombie map – Cheat Codes + (Commentary)”

  1. MrJesse177 Says:

    how did you get out of the chair?

  2. shwamy34092826501640 Says:

    @MrJesse177 pres R1 and R2 alot

  3. ElliotKingArmpit Says:


  4. Vagineeeeerr Says:

    what does the code CD does ?

  5. TheJDHARDY Says:

    type help u get loads commands

  6. TheMattclay08 Says:

    what does 3arc unlock do for the wii

  7. XXx07xxXh Says:

    pres R2 and L2 alot

  8. Crudy44 Says:

    how do u get it on pc

  9. madmajicmonkey Says:

    help i did the 3arc intel yes thing and it worked but i cant get achivments can i get rid of it??!!

  10. thezoffmann Says:

    space bar

  11. kaleyacko Says:

    who is the thing think befor the paswoed

  12. Mr93905 Says:

    Bitches leave him alone

  13. stopmotionproguy Says:

    zork is also a security program it can control anything programed into its sytem. (it was actually real) go 2 the computer in the main menu and type “zork” also type “open front door” (P.S it will say door can not be opened) but type in “break window” and see what happens 😉

  14. reg092181 Says:

    It chantes your directory. So if there are any other directories on the system that you know of, type cd and the directories name. Just typing in cd, takes you back to your original or home directory if you are in another one. It appears to be a limited unix interface.

  15. KIDmachinima Says:

    after you type in ‘zork’ type in ‘mailbox’ i havent tried it yet but i think somthing happens

  16. dyllandick Says:

    Thank. Man

  17. IkeepLickinMyHair Says:

    you are the best of the best! my friends and i wanted map “five” thank you!!!! i liked subbed and thumbed up!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  18. meatballz1998 Says:

    whats the unlimited ammo cheat

  19. dangerkid1is1gay Says:

    @meatballz1998 yeah whats the unlimited ammo cheat

  20. lovedrugsalotlikedam Says:

    @stopmotionproguy then what do you put after break window?

  21. joao2012ish Says:

    I found a working 15th Prestige hack:
    It’s the one I use.

    PM if you need help!

  22. stopmotionproguy Says:

    @lovedrugsalotlikedam idk i never got that far….. bricks, rocks, nothing will work so i just gave up lol

  23. lovedrugsalotlikedam Says:

    @stopmotionproguy haha understandable i went through the same thing until i typed “me” type it in and you’ll see what happens next : ) but im stuck on that one lol try it out?

  24. stopmotionproguy Says:

    @lovedrugsalotlikedam lol i’ll look into it 🙂

  25. DarkNL100 Says:

    still works?

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