Black Ops – Cheat Menu – Easter Egg and "Just ask me nicely achievement"- DOA – Dead Ops

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25 Comments on “Black Ops – Cheat Menu – Easter Egg and "Just ask me nicely achievement"- DOA – Dead Ops”

  1. CandCRmx Says:

    the contrast is too dark bro

  2. TheHeadbasher1012 Says:

    OMG! Its Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!

  3. iDuNcErS Says:

    @mrzaferatosconnor zero thumbs up

  4. ChinoKitty08 Says:

    ur right it is hary potter omg!!!!!!

  5. JSWoodhams Says:

    @ChinoKitty08 – just because I have a British accent, doesn’t mean I sound like harry potter…

  6. fashionboy55 Says:

    you are cool

  7. mrjohantheman Says:

    @mrzaferatosconnor Thumbs up if you are just annoying.

  8. levi52666 Says:

    Lol i tought u said pisss out youtube but then i realised 🙂

  9. levi52666 Says:

    Lol i thought u said pisss out youtube but then i realised 🙂

  10. zombiedudeXD Says:

    can you a cheat for der riese

  11. Sm3312 Says:

    you can also try ALICIA, type in alicia

  12. omgbrian Says:

    wow saying every one over there sounds like harry potter is like saying every one over here sounds like tom hanks ….

  13. angelcity6 Says:

    It’s not your accent but you do sound like Daniel Radcliffe A.K.A Harry Potter, which is really cool xD.

  14. 183papito Says:

    @JSWoodhams but u do

  15. aniken222 Says:

    /watch?v=NbqOH7SXQ6I watch this here u see a real hacker on cod black ops he uses some kind of cheat in multiplayer. i recorded him in theatr

  16. MCMJRM Says:

    now… finaly after waiting 1 more month than xbox 360, ps3 gets the map pack yayyyyyyyy this is just 1 more way microsoft kicked sony’s ass

  17. hotdog12233 Says:

    @zombiedudeXD no. you need 2 hack it or get the hardend ed or prastege ed

  18. joao2012ish Says:

    If anyone is interested, I’m using the prestige hack from this video:
    You can also check out this guy’s blog at:
    bit. ly/eyg2rX

  19. zFuuzN Says:

    Fuck off everyone saying he has a annoying british acceent. We think the same about you Americans and you dont see us dissin you, do youu?

  20. joao2012ish Says:

    Lol, 15th prestige hack is much better than this:

  21. lt4maro Says:

    I didnt know michael bisping was a gamer. Lol war hendo!

  22. bix5858 Says:

    Any codes for money or xp?

  23. energy20011 Says:


  24. glennmsful Says:

    Go to watch?v=Y5Vsrohep00 For Black Ops Cheats

  25. bluegezz Says:

    shit!! I am american and his accent is the shit! you haters!

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