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Free for all is all about awareness, individual skill and speed killing. For me the best way to get a lot of kills quick is to use hardline with a Gun like the ak-74u. Let’s say for example you are on nuketown and You spawn in the top level of the house. You would want to set a defensive claymore by the stairwell door and peek out onto the balcony.

Look towards the corners Of the fences. People always spawn there. You can pick up a kill here. Go back inside and camp until you get one more kill. I would prefer having your gun aimed at the door from the balcony. Now you have both of the main entry points covered. If you also use Tactical Mask Pro you will not have to worry about getting flashed or stunned.

Once You get your first two kills you have spyplane. All you need to do at This point is run around and kill the red dots on your radar. The other gun I like for FFA is the Famas it has the firing rate Of a submachine gun and the range of a assault rifle. You just Have to remember not to fire it at full auto. It’s recoil pattern is Up and to the right HARDCORE. So burst fire with the Famas.

With hardline it only takes two kills to get spyplanes and this makes It very easy to kill people. FFA games are all about patrolling a high traffic area and knowing the routes someone will take to rush you. Notice I did not say camping. I said patrolling an area. Only bad Players sit in corners all game long.

When you play FFA you want to look for Players who are in fights with other players and kill them. This is called Kill stealing and in FFA it’s a good thing. When you stay low key until you know where a fight is you catch a player while he is focused on someone else. Good players win one on one battles, great players avoid them.

I use this even more in halo but it applies in cod as well. If you use the Ak-74 u keep in mind that you need to pick your fights, as with any gun. The 74u’s best range is close to medium close. You should therefore stay in areas with walls etc that you can force your enemy into your weapons best range.

Using a motion sensor with submachine guns or shotguns is a great way to kick ass in FFA games as well. The reason is that the players showing up On your sensor are within your weapons best range.

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